Make your own character

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Tools you'll need

These are the tools you'll need in order to create your own character mod

  • Your fav image editing program - Be it Photoshop, Gimp, Paint or any other one...

How characters work

The whole system is structured so you don't have to worry about code at all. Simply place you character folder in the path below and give it an apropriate name to describe it. (There should already be a working character in the "starting kit" above)

MoveorDie \ Mods \ [ModName] \ Lib \ Assets \ Characters \ [CharacterName]

The game automagically takes all the character folders and considers them individual characters. Now it's time to mess around with the contents.

The easy way

If you only want to change the appearence of an already existing character, you don't have to go through the trouble of using complicated programs

Simply open the "CharacterMod" folder from the starting kit. Make sure you rename the folder so the game sees it as a new character (don't forget to rename the files inside as well to match the folder's name).

Now all you have to do is open the [CharName]Sheet.png in your favorite image editor and start making changes!

Careful not to go out of the boundaries shown below, because if you do, anything outside of the dotted line won't show up in-game properly(or it will in another unwanted asset).

Save the image once you are done and check if everything looks good in-game. That's it, you have modified a character and you can now publish it!

That was the easy way though... if you want to make your character from scratch, it's going to be a bit tricky-er, keep reading.

Testing your character

Character Viewer

Before testing your character in-game, make sure it looks good.

There is a "Character Viewer" in the Level Editor that allows you to check all the assets and animations of your character in-engine. The Character viewer will let you know if something is missing or if you did anything wrong.

Once you are happy with how your character looks in the Character Viewer, start up the game and see how he looks in action!

That's it!

At this point you should have the 3 neccesary files for the game to see your chararacter

  • [CharacterName]Sheet.png - The Asset Sheet
  • [CharacterName]Sheet.json - The Coordinates for the asset sheet
  • [CharacterName]Anim.json - The Animation
  • [CharacterName].ini - (Optional) The Offset Values
  • "Masks" Folder - (Optional) Pupil Masks

Now in order to test it, go where the game is installed and place these files in the following path:

Move or Die \ Mods \ [ModFolder] \ Lib \ Assets \ Characters \ [CharacterName] \ - Files go here -

(Don't forget about the Masks folder in case your character has moving pupils.

Open the game, go to the character selection screen and your character should be there!


  • If your character doesn't show up in the character selection screen but it does show up in the Mod Manager, it means the game can't read the character files, make sure the folder paths are correct and that the contents of the Sheets/Anim.json are also correct.

  • If your mod doesn't show up in the Mod Manager, it means the game doesn't see the mod, make sure your mod folder is in the game's "Mods" folder and the modinfo.txt is in place with the correct info inside.

You are done!


Get yourself a cold drink, it's time to publish your mod.

How to Publish a mod

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