How to publish your mod

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Making sure things work

Assuming you already went through one of the "Make your own ______" templates, or you actually know what you are doing, you should now have a working mod in the Mods folder.

Publishing a mod is actually the easiest part, but before that, you should go through this checklist and make sure everything works properly:

  • Make sure the mod folder has a custom name that won't interfere with other possible mod folders

  • Double check that "thumbnail.png" and "steamthumbnail.png" are in place with the apropriate sizes, and make sure the "modinfo.txt" is there and has the correct information

  • Check the in-game Mod Manager and make sure the thumbnail, title, author and description show up correctly

  • Deactivate the mod in the mod manager, restart the game and confirm that there are no traces of your changes in the game

  • Activate the mod in the mod manager, restart the game and confirm that your mod is working as intended

If you went through all of those steps and everything works, you are all set!

Time to publish your mod


In the in-game Mod Manager, you will notice a blue "Make your own mod" button in the top right.

Clicking it will bring you to the publishing screen which looks like this:

From here you can double check and change all the information related to your mod

Let's get started

1. Select the mod you want to publish from the list.

You also have an "Update already published mod" tab which is pretty self explanatory.

2. The game will automatically fill the fields for you based on the modinfo.txt

Make sure the title, author and description are correct and descriptive.

Don't forget to add tags, they are pretty important when it comes to searching for mods.

3. If your thumbnails are set correctly, step 3 will look like this:

If the game says one of them is missing or they are the wrong size, go to the mod folder and fix that.

Keep in mind that the thumbnail is the player's first contact with your mod,

so make sure it's descriptive, welcoming and overall awesome.

4. Select the category that describes your mod the best.

5. Here you can make your mod public, private or for friends only.

If you are testing, feel free to mess around with "Private" and "Friends Only".

If you want to publish your mod, set it to "Public", accept the Steam Workshop ToS

and press "Submit to Workshop" green button.

That's it!

If there is a problem, it will be displayed in step 5 under the "Status" text.

If everything is ok, a popup will show up asking you for confirmation.

Congratulations, you have published your own mod!

You can check out your published mod in the Steam Workshop.

Pat yourself on the back.

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