Patch Notes History

8 Year Anniversary Update

Version 17.4.1 | 14 Mar 2024

  • Play between March 14th, 2023 - march 28th, 2024 and receive a random item for every 8th round won during online play. You can do this up to 8 times a day!

Version 17.3.1 | 21 Dec 2023

  • Play between December 21st, 2023 - January 4th, 2024 and visit Santa's Secret Shop in the main menu to:
    • Unlock familiars - Santa's cute little helpers, which you can buy with Not-Coins, and attach to any character you own. Limited to 4 of any kind per day!
    • Bribe with Milk & Cookies - spending Not-Coins, you can bribe Santa with Milk & Cookies, which will in turn reward you with a game mode, mutator or character of a random rarity. The value increases with each use, but resets daily!
    • Exchange coal - losing online matches gives you coal, but that's not the end of the road. You can exchange them in Santa's Secret Shop for a random item. Available once per day!

Version 17.2.2 | 06 Nov 2023

  • Added "Seasonal Toggle" in the Character menu in Not-A-Store in order to turn seasonal effects (Halloween Smoke + Horns) off and on
  • Fixed the Rainbow effect bugging out the when the Trail of Smoke + Demon-Horns outline were active on a character
  • Fixed an instance where the "Treat" algorithm would bug out and no longer appear for a small number of players that met certain criteria

Version 17.2.1 | 26 Oct 2023

  • Play and win an online match between October 26th - November 9th and once per day you can choose between two options:
  • Trick: one random character from your inventory will receive a scary makeover consisting of a sinister Trail of Smoke and a wicked Demon-Horns Outline
  • Treat: get one random game mode, mutator or character that is missing from your inventory

Version 17.1.4 | 20 Sep 2023

  • Fixed a crash when trying to connect to a local game, which also helps with unlocking the "Never mind sharing" achievement

Version 17.1.1 | 29 Jun 2023

  • Added new unlockable characters: ChillBill, Flo
  • Added new unlockable cosmetics: Sun Splatters, Cocktail Trails
  • All the above can be obtained by playing an online match between June 29th 10 AM PDT - July 13th 10 AM PDT

7 Year Anniversary Update

Version 17.0.1 | 16 Mar 2023

  • Added four new unlockable characters: Old Viking, Old Count, Old Zombi, Old Derpy Chicken. Can only be obtained by playing an online match between March 16th - April 13th
  • Started New Daily Contribution season with previous progress having been reset for all players
  • Added new character and items to the Daily Contribution: Al Dente, Cherry Blossoms Confetti, Icy Hot, Zoomer Speak Emotes, Cave Drawing Emotes, Oroborous Splatters, Egyptian Ankh Splatters
  • Added the 2022 Community Debt bar items to the Not-a-Store and Bid Wars rotation

Version 16.0.6 | 22 Dec 2022

  • Added new unlockable characters: Brady, Cuddles, Blanket
  • Added new unlockable cosmetics: Pretzel Trails, Angel Splatters
  • All the above can be obtained by playing an online match between December 22nd 10 AM PDT - January 5th 10 AM PDT
  • Nobody noticed, but we fixed TacoMan...

Version 16.0.5 | 25 Oct 2022

  • Added new unlockable characters: Sharkmera, Mouthclops, Constantine, Swampear.
  • Added new unlockable cosmetics: DNA trails, Chalk Outline death splatters
  • Dead by Daylight Characters and cosmetics are now available again to unlock
  • All the above can be obtained by playing an online match between October 25th, 10 AM PDT - November 8th, 10 AM PDT

Version 16.0.4 | 21 Sep 2022

  • Fixed a crash that happened in online matches
  • Small localization update

Version 16.0.3 | 16 Sep 2022

  • Shuriken Parry Free Weekend - the game mode is available for everyone to play between September 16 '22 2 PM UTC until September 19 '22, 12 PM UTC
  • Updated Asian language localizations: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Version 16.0.2 | 28 Jul 2022

  • Added a new unlockable character: Beanie. Can only be obtained by playing an online match between July 28th - August 28th

Version 16.0.2 | 13 Jul 2022

  • Added the Community Collaboration Contest Characters:
    • YVX by UnOriginal_1
    • Wi-Fry by theburningshamrock
    • Statik by TeqieLemon

Version 16.0.2 | 24 Jun 2022

  • Fixed an issue where Pandora's Blast Play Counter was not working on the player side
  • Removed options from the in-game General settings screen: Profanity Filter, AI Chat Bot Sentience
  • Fixed an issue which didn't allow the in-game Patch Notes to load
  • Adjusted the player nickname font size in the lobby

Version 16.0.1 | 23 Jun 2022

  • 4 New Dead by Daylight Characters: Jenny, Trapper, Huntress, Blight
  • 3 New Dead by Daylight items: Scratches Trail, Dead by Daylight Emotes, Dead by Daylight Death Splatters
  • Radiation, Loot Grab and Spike Ball game modes now have a Dead by Daylight facelift/cosmetics.
  • The revamped version of said game modes will be available between June 23th - July 21st, as well as during our Halloween specials.
  • Added new characters to the Daily Contribution: Scally, Moe and more to come
  • Dead by Daylight Characters and Items will be unlocked randomly for everyone after playing online matches between June 23th - July 21st

Version 15.1.2 | 27 Apr 2022

  • Removed in-game chat

Version 15.1.1 | 14 Apr 2022

  • Added new rare game mode: Pandora's Blast

6 Year Anniversary Update

Version 15.0.1 | 17 Mar 2022

  • Added a new unlockable character: Pandora's Box. Can only be obtained by playing an online match between March 17th - March 31st
  • Added new character to the Daily Contribution: Pip, Wishbone, Samantha and more to come
  • Added the 2021 Community Debt bar items to the Not-a-Store and Bid Wars rotation
  • Started New Daily Contribution season with previous progress having been reset for all players
  • Added an Emote Timeout feature. You cannot spam emotes anymore in the lobby or during matches
  • Adjusted the item drop rate to increase chances of getting modes and mutators
  • Added a 50% chance every 2 seconds for each player to jump when the Ghostly Jumps mutator is played
  • Small localization changes

Version 14.2.3 | 22 Dec 2021

  • Added 4 characters to the Daily Contribution: Deerz Nuts, Deerz Face, Bible Accurate Angel, Yorick
  • Added a new unlockable character: Deepflake. Can only be obtained by playing an online match during December 22nd, 2021 - January 5th, 2022
  • Fixed player name overflow in lobby screen

Version 14.2.2 | 24 Nov 2021

  • Added 3 new characters: Ma' Trioshka, Egg-Eggovich Faberger and Barry
  • Localization fixes for Russian

Version 14.2.1 | 28 Oct 2021

  • Added 3 new characters: Lando, Big Sys and Demo-Chordon
  • Added 3 new items: Crypto Trail, Hacker Confetti, Digital Splatters

Version 14.1.0 | 22 July 2021

  • Added new Rare character: Brian from Deepest Chamber

Version 14.0.5 | 25 June 2021

  • Added 3 new characters: MooMoo, OinkOink and Frank, The Farmer

Version 14.0.4 | 27 May 2021

  • Added 3 new characters: Jo Gabonito, Nada and Al, The Alpaca
  • Localization fixes for Brazilian Portuguese and Argentinian Spanish

Version 14.0.2 | 14 Apr 2021

  • Flags removed on first time boot when selecting language
  • Small localization updates for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian and Korean languages
  • Fixed vibration issues for controllers

Version 14.0.1 | 01 Apr 2021

  • Fixed an issue with Xbox controllers that also affected Steam Remote Play functionality
  • You can now back out of the Daily Contribution item unlocking screen and resume it later

5 Year Anniversary Update

Version 14.0.0 | 18 Mar 2021

  • Added 3 new characters: Beck Packerson, Pam and Rocky, The Third
  • Added the 2020 Community Debt bar items to the Not-a-Store and Bid Wars rotation
  • We emptied out the trash

Version 13.1.0 | 11 Feb 2021

  • Added Traditional Chinese translation
  • Addded 3 new characters: Goldie L'Ox, Lampoon, Lin

Version 13.0.9 | 22 Dec 2020

  • Added 2 new characters: Secret Santa, Snow Dan

Version 13.0.8 | 19 Nov 2020

  • Fixed issue where playing with a wireless controller would result in low FPS in-game

Version 13.0.7 | 29 Oct 2020

  • Added 2 new characters: Lupita, Medudesa

Version 13.0.6 | 26 Oct 2020

  • Added Turkish language
  • Added 3 new characters: Becky, Dee-light, O.T.
  • Fixed Community Debt Bar loop
  • Changed Community Debt Bar unlock functionality for more than one item

Version 13.0.5 | 22 Sep 2020

  • Free2Play Midweek Madness - You can play Move or Die for free during September 22-24, 2020, 10 AM PST
  • Added a new character: Millie. You can only obtain him by playing Move or Die during the Free2Play period (but it's actually until the 27th, so don't tell anyone)
  • (September 25th) Added 2 new characters from Re-Timed: Psyboi & Yowie

Version 13.0.4 | 03 Jul 2020

  • Added new items to the Community Debt Bar: 1 character (Stony), 1 emoji pack (Greek Letter Emotes), 1 confetti and 5 trails
  • Small localization fixes

Version 13.0.3 | 28 May 2020

  • Fixes across all language following our community's feedback
  • Changed Korean fonts
  • Fixed crash in Hoops
  • Fixed hitbox for buttons in Japanese

Version 13.0.2 | 05 May 2020

  • Added Soapy instead of Joe as the default character
  • Added Korean language
  • Updated the following languages with missing translations, localization errors fixes and formatting fixes: German, Filipino, French, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Slovenian

Version 13.0.1 | 02 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a crash related to Linux OS
  • Added placeholder avatar in the Daily Contribution UI
  • Added a new bug somewhere in the game

4 Year Anniversary Update

Version 13.0.0 | 28 Feb 2020

  • Daily challenge mechanics revamped into "Daily Community Contribution"
  • Added a never-ending stream of content to be unlocked on the Debt Bar
  • Added a new "Special" type of item rarity
  • Consumables are now permanent
  • Code improvements for 4 gamemodes (Bomb Tag, Speed Run, Color Craze, Falling Blocks)
  • Code improvements for the editor
  • Fixed various game crashes
  • Fixed a twitch specific crash

Version 12.0.5 | 19 Dec 2019

  • 3 Bleak new characters
  • Twitch integration fixes
  • Environmentally themed guilt trips
  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 12.0.4 | 2 Oct 2019

  • Adjustments to RGB implementation to prevent crashes

Version 12.0.3 | 17 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash on Mac and Linux when two characters are on the same team
  • Fixed crash on Mac and Linux at the end of Outbreak
  • Fixed crash in Editor related to the splatters
  • Fixed crash in Loot Grab when attempting to render specific assets
  • Fixed crash when user levels up twice (receives 2 rewards)
  • Fixed crash in Hoops when one of the players left during a specific time

Version 12.0.2 | 1 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crashes on Linux and Mac

Version 12.0.1 | 28 Jun 2019

  • Fixed various crashes

Back To PC Update

Version 12.0.0 | 25 Jun 2019

  • New Game Modes: Shuriken Parry, Spider Bomb, Papers Planes & Radiation
  • New Mutators: What the Golf, Astral Projection & Accelerate
  • New Characters: Malone, Adam, Barkley, Mauly, Burd & Trip
  • New Announcer: ProZD
  • Various bug fixes and memory leaks patched

Version 11.0.5 | 4 Feb 2019

  • Added proper Chinese localization
  • Fixed Bobby's missing eye
  • Fixed the lack of statistics in Outbreak
  • Added a custom string when Itchy is unlocked

Version 11.0.4 | 22 Jan 2019

  • Fixed the "game crash on launch" bug

3 Year Adventure Update

Version 11.0.3 | 21 Jan 2019

  • Added the very special "Itchy" character

Version 11.0.2 | 15 Jan 2019

  • Fixed Lethal Leaps and Jumpolines not working in Vertigo, Tetrominos and Building Blocks
  • Semi-fixed all the problems with the chinese localization
  • Added missing UI text for Russian and Italian
  • Improvements to Outbreak
  • Fixed precisely one typo in the Finnish translation because my girlfriend yelled at me

Version 11.0.1 | 21 Dec 2018

  • Fixed a bug where the Switcheroo mutator would be unlocked by default
  • Removed leftover levels from unreleased game modes
  • Fixed a bug with Switcheroo in God Gun
  • Fixed the jittering in the Enhance mutator
  • Ballance tweaks to Outbreak
  • Tweaks to the way the virus projectiles in Outbreak work

Holiday Disappointment Update

Version 11.0.0 | 20 Dec 2018

  • Added 3 new characters
  • Implemented disappointed gifts for Christmas
  • Added 5 new trails
  • Added one new game mode "Outbreak"
  • Added 3 new mutators: "Switcheroo","Jumpolines"&"Enhance"
  • We now unlock ghosts at level 1.
  • Twitch Balance Level with Death tile ceiling.
  • Splatters rendering under tiles fix
  • Snow Rendering Under Trampolines and Lethal Leaps Fix
  • Made the video in the store not auto-play anymore
  • Added getDailyReward server API.
  • Select previously selected mutator when returning from Mutator Testing
  • Static Bounce Electricity Effect Persists bug fix

Version 10.0.4 | 29 Oct 2018

  • Added the ability to reset your entire progress
  • Improvements to the editor replay system
  • Fix editor gizmo issue
  • Fix editor crash when moving a pivot door
  • Fix props in the editor when props are off in settings
  • Reset slomo when going back to editor after testing
  • Renamed "Rumble" to "Vibration" for platform independency
  • Fix dead AI getting stuck in panic mode
  • New PS4 controller asset
  • Removal of "Steam" strings in as many places as possible
  • Fixed a bug where AI Bots skins desynced in lobbies
  • Fix Decoys issue on Building Blocks
  • Avoid reloading IdleWarning asset each time network lobby is opened
  • Text, Prompt, Controller vibration for "Hold X Sec" in pop-ups
  • Better lobby countdown vibration
  • Fix Twitch mutators-related crash on host migration
  • Fix Twitch emote image crash
  • Ignore Daily Missions when playing online alone
  • Increased the space for the mode voting number text
  • Fix Hat Chase issue on the Camel level
  • Fix RNG Dice crash
  • Fix Skin Swapper skins swapped when going back to menu from a network game
  • Replaced stomp with Fizzle Floor for convention mode
  • Added privacy policy screen at the beginning
  • Improved tracking of lost objects
  • Fixed Cleanup Crew Localization Mispelling
  • Fixed Skin Swapper + Teleporters issue
  • Boss Fight AI improvements
  • Fix Velcro online unlinking issue
  • Fix for toggle tile sensor issues
  • Improved memory leaks
  • Fix invite prompt not clickable in Play Online
  • Disabled logging of global chat events
  • Fix toggle tile sensor issues with fast-moving joes
  • Make sure watchdog thread is started after sending a crash report
  • Fix crash when HTML is returned instead of JSON from the server
  • Fix Halloween Edition gibs crash
  • Improved error message for duplicate characters
  • Fix trail and emotes coloring issues in lobby
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to move after teleporting before the round started
  • Fixed a crash related to UTF-8 logs
  • Fixed camera-related crash
  • Fixed a crash related to "bodyName"

Version 10.0.3 | 24 Jun 2018

  • Fixed a crash related to win stats
  • Fixed a crash related to the "Sugar Rush" & "Rocket Run" modes
  • Fixed static objects being occluded too early at large resolutions
  • Fixed rendering issues in the Editor
  • Fixed a crash related to the Daily Challenge UI

Version 10.0.2 | 23 Jun 2018

  • Fixed the game not launching on Linux
  • Fixed crash when going "back to menu"
  • Fixed crash after the Daily Challenge screen
  • Fixed "Decoys" mutator crash in "Building Blocks" game mode
  • Fixed crash related to online mods
  • Fixed the new "X Splatters" not working correctly. Now they do, we good!

Version 10.0.1 | 22 Jun 2018

  • Added even more maps, we're at 49 new maps after this update!

Community Chest Update

Version 10.0.0 | 21 Jun 2018

  • Made a lot of performance improvements, fps should be noticeable highger now
  • Added new mutators: Dirty Shoes and Velcro
  • Added 3 new characters: Techie, Millard & Archie
  • Added A LOT of new maps for existing game modes
  • Reworked the way "Ghostly Jumps" Mutator works
  • Added 3 new consumables: Caption emotes, White Flammable head & X Death Splatters
  • Added the ability to toggle "despawn" Joes in the editor with the debug keys for pretty screenshots
  • Tons of tweaks to how "Velcro" & "Dirty Shoes" mutators interact with different game modes
  • Fixed a crash related to "Shifty Grounds"
  • Fixed a crash on host migration
  • Separated button texture in the Introduction sequence to support button remapping
  • Fix a crash related to "Ghost Scare"
  • Fix a crash related to "Hoops"

Version 9.0.4 | 2 May 2018

  • Added Monster Prom Characters: Liam, Miranda & Polly
  • Added Monster Prom Trails: Sporks, Truth Triangle & Turdy
  • Fixed a sync bug with "Turbo Mode" mutator

Version 9.0.3 | 19 Apr 2018

  • Displayed text when friends list is empty
  • Fixed a problem where custom characters weren't visible after a match
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Bid War
  • Fixed connection issues introduced by the recent Steam privacy changes
  • Improvements to the max "fullscreen" resolution
  • Introduced a new improved way to report bugs in the main menu (bottom right)
  • Made the Not-Coins spent of the Daily Challenge retry disappear instantly
  • We now show "Not enough active items" only for game modes and mutators in the Not-A-Store
  • We're now saving host server settings separately from match settings

Version 9.0.2 | 3 Feb 2018

  • The last used trail is now remembered
  • The host will now auto-kick himself during a match if he is idle for too long
  • Fixed a rare crash during the "Hoops" game mode while using the "Flammable Head" consumable
  • When you gain Not-Coins, a new "+ Value" graphic appears above your current Not-Coins
  • Even further improvements to the steam item conversion system
  • Prevented the top bidder's username from overflowing in the Bid War screen
  • Improvements to trail networking
  • Properly removed trails when you clear a player slot in a lobby
  • Fixed a loophole that allowed you to exit the Not-A-Store screen without enough items activated
  • Fixed a silly problem where clicking on the "Bid War" would cause the following pop-up to disappear as well
  • Prevented the game from applying the last used character/trail if you disabled them in the Not-A-Store
  • Password protected servers are not disappearing anymore from the server browser

Version 9.0.1 | 25 Jan 2018

  • Improved the way we detect duplicated items in order to award Not-Coins more accurately

2nd Anniversary Update

Version 9.0.0 | 22 Jan 2018

  • Added the "Bid-War" section in the Not-A-Store
  • Added the "Consumables" section in the Not-A-Store
  • Improved the way toggle tiles behave during the "Lethal Leaps" mutator
  • Improved visual coins explosion when you get a duplicate item
  • Improved the logic behind toggle tiles pushing players outside of them at high speeds (specifically against the VVVVVV mutator)
  • Improved the way Daily Challenges register matches to prevent unintentional quitting
  • Fixed character skin preload bug in the lobby
  • Better header and logo images for the Not-A-Store sections
  • Added a limit to max number of gibs that can spawn
  • Tied gibs to the "Props" video setting so they can be turned off
  • Turned off V-Sync by default for the first time you open the game

Version 8.0.3 | 24 Dec 2017

  • Added the ability to skip the "Duplicate Item" animation
  • Made backing out of testing items in the Not-A-Store faster by making the going-back-to-menu confirmation instant
  • Fixed a bug where players character skins would change in the lobby after alt-tab-ing
  • Reduced the character limit on usernames displayed in invitation notifications to prevent overlaps
  • Added the main menu banner in the Not-A-Store screen as well

Version 8.0.2 | 23 Dec 2017

  • Fixed the inability to re-roll mutators using a controller
  • Added statistics for the new game modes in the Statistics screen
  • Fixed a bug where enemies weren't synced correctly in online games of "Crowd Stomp"
  • Fixed -another- crash related to "Boomerangs"
  • Fixed AI crash in "Static Bounce"
  • Fixed a crash related to the Daily Challenge
  • Fixed some typos in character descriptions

Version 8.0.1 | 22 Dec 2017

  • Fixed a crash related to joining mid-game in a "Tetrominos" mode
  • Added extra safeties to prevent "souls" from getting out of the level in the "Souls" game mode
  • Fixed a crash related to boomerang's zero-length raycast
  • Removed the temp numbers on the Consumables & Bid War sections in the Not-A-Store and filled them up to 100%

Green & Gold Update

Version 8.0.0 | 21 Dec 2017

    Big Additions
  • In-Game item rehaul system "Not-A-Store"
  • Ability to re-roll mutators
  • Ability to re-play the Daily Challenge
  • Customizing Trails
  • 7 New Characters
  • New Mutators: Moooove, Staller, Deaths'plosions, Flutter, Snek, Ghostly Jumps & Lethal Leaps
  • New Game Modes: Tetrominos, Crowd Stomp, Explosive Barrels & Boomerangs
    User Interface
  • Added Not-Coins display in the player info-box
  • Prevent exiting the mutator section of the shop with less than 3 mutators selected
  • Pre-loaded skins in the store to lower loading times
  • Added explanation video animations for every Mutator in the store
  • Added a yellow pop-up title color for coin-related messages
  • Reduced the "Hold to go back to menu" time down to 1.5 sec in online games
  • Pop-up now respect the delay for mouse interaction to prevent accidental clicks
  • Added death tiles on the ceiling of "Tetrominos" levels with the "VVVVVV" mutator
  • Increased the bomb passing range in "Bomb Tag" while the "Snek" mutator is active
  • Removed "Move and Die" from the "RNG Dice" mutator pool
  • We gathered all the bugs at a bi-yearly meeting, we all sat down and discussed our problems, and we kindly asked them to leave, however not all of them cooperated
  • Added rarity levels to mutators
  • Added characters for all the characters (some of them were missing)
  • Fixed a gibs-related crash
  • Improved SFX for duplicated item unlock
    Things that nobody will ever notice
  • Attempted to create a "Baseball" game but we weren't happy with it so we scraped it. That's why in the trailer it says "5 new game modes" when there are actually 4
  • Disabled the jump sound when a character jumps in the preview window of the store
  • Ignore keyboard input in lobby while shift is held down for emotes

Version 7.2.1 | 1 Dec 2017

  • There was a bug in the code that made the "Winter Edition" kick in too early. We fixed that :D

Version 7.2.0 | 22 Nov 2017

  • Added Discord "Rich Presence" Integration
  • Added the ability to join and invite friends to games through Discord
  • Moved everything in the game 1 pixel to the left
  • Added two new characters "Discord Logo" & "Wumpus"
  • Added descriptions to Rick and Morty Characters
  • Changed the colors of the invite notification to match the source of it (Steam, Discord or In-Game)

Version 7.1.1 | 30 Oct 2017

  • More crashes fixed
  • Added a "Default Avatar" icon when you get an invitation to a match

Version 7.1.0 | 30 Oct 2017

  • Fixed a crash related to inviting friends to a lobby
  • Fixed a crash related to the mod manager
  • Moved everything in the game 1 pixel to the right

Version 7.0.9 | 29 Oct 2017

  • Added new rare Halloween character "Lilly"
  • Disabled the Idle warning in lobbies with passwords or LAN games
  • Idle warning sound starts off at 50% and ramps up gradually
  • The Idle warning makes the startbar icon flash on Windows if the game is out of focus
  • Fixed potential crash in Twitch Lasers mode
  • Fixed potential crash related to the emote wheel
  • Fixed a bug where players could back out of mode voting in Convention Mode
  • The game's name is now displayed in the lobby in Convention Mode
  • Disable the warning on Mac machines

Version 7.0.8 | 7 Aug 2017

  • Added Razer Chroma effects for their peripherals based on what is happening on screen
  • Smoother transition from the Mode Voting screen to the in-game one
  • Added a new language: Magyar (Hungarian)
  • Removed the unfinished "Korean" language from the game. I forgot to do that last patch, sorry :D
  • Apparently we were missing the Emerald Badge icon in the devkit folder. Josh the programmer made a version of that and I think it's funny so yeah, that's a thing now.

Version 7.0.7 | 16 Jul 2017

  • Fixed potential bug causing constant screen flashing
  • Added a bunch of extra hidden characters
  • Rounded corners on the top "Winner" text box in the score screen

Version 7.0.6 | 6 Jul 2017

  • Fixed crash related to long strings (UTF-8 shenanegins)
  • Re-renabling "all" mods now remembers the mods you had active before

Version 7.0.5 | 5 Jul 2017

  • Fixed a potential major post-splash screen crash due to the inability of opening a corrupted game mode file
  • New character "Catnip"
  • You now get a random character (instead of the default one) when you join an on-going match
  • The "[ALT]" text displays controller prompts properly in the mode voting screen now
  • Added a "sorry" message in the menu when the game runs at very low framerates :(
  • Sprinkled an extra bit of love throughout the game
  • Added ability to toggle mods on/off with one button
  • Removed "Rick and Morty" splash screen

Version 7.0.4 | 28 Jun 2017

  • 5 new characters: Rick, Morty, Mr Meeseeks, Bird Person & Krombopulos
  • Color blind filter support in Video Options
  • The game now remembers the last character you played with
  • Better monitor resolution detection and support up to 4k
  • Ability to skip the Match Length & Mutators pop-ups with Esc/Backspace
  • Ability to skip the Daily Challenge video with Esc/Backspace
  • Adjusted the placement of the "customize character" arrows
  • Added a special "Arcade" mode designed for arcade cabinets wired to the keyboard buttons
  • Fixed a bug that didn't hide the characters pupils during certain expressions in the health bar
  • Fixed a bug where the "Back" button was triggered during controller button remapping
  • Added a "Rick and Morty" splash screen
  • Lowered the language selection screen delay from 3 seconds to 1

Version 7.0.3 | 15 Feb 2017

  • Added new levels to certain game modes
  • Optimized the way we authorize communications with the Steam server, eliminating potential down-time during peak hours.
  • Fixed a glitch with the "Bomb Drop" mutator
  • Optimized the time we load/unload mods and characters to lower the chance of an "out of memory" crash
  • Enabled the "God Gun" laser to go through Temp Tiles
  • Fixed a crash related to "God Gun"
  • Increased the mask padding on character descriptions
  • Fixed "Virtual Potato's" eyes assets sticking out of his health bar

Version 7.0.2 | 30 Jan 2017

  • Added Daily Challenge introduction video to explain it better
  • Fixed a crash related to "Hoops"

Version 7.0.1 | 28 Jan 2017

  • The selection of mutators is now based on various controlled chaos gameplay elements, instead of being fully random
  • Fixed a crash related to Daily Challenges
  • Fixed crash related to "Loot Grab" networking
  • Fixed an exploit where clients weren't losing health while using emotes
  • The game checks for steaming software only once per session now, isntead of every time you access the menu
  • Improved expressions for certain characters
  • Hopefully fixed a problem where the game would lag if the host of the server would alt + tab

1 Year Adventure Update

Version 7.0.0 | 24 Jan 2017

    Big additions
  • New Game Mode: "Souls"
  • 2 New Mutators: "RNG Dice" & "Turbo Mode"
  • 2 New Characters: "Ake" & "VR Potato"
  • Simplified screen for the Daily Challenge
  • Music transitions smoother from the score screen to the instructions screen
  • "Statistics" button is hidden for players under level 3
  • Fixed a leftover character being rendered in the controller remapping screen
  • Fixed a crash related to "Boss Fight"
  • Mods screen has an intro animation now
  • Daily Challenge screen has an intro animation now
  • Added custom "Dice" animation for the "RNG Dice" mutator
  • Added icons for the abandoned game modes... for consistency purposes
  • Added one extra mode to the pool of Twitch selected modes
  • Fixed ballance issues with "Twitch Drop Kill" mode when there are a lot of viewers
  • Fixed a bug where the camera was zooming in on the wrong player during "Hat Chase"
  • Servers are now killed if the host force quits the game
  • Daily Challenge leaderboard now shows only scores from today
  • Added the red "X" icon for various pop-ups throughout the game
  • The game will detect when a streaming software is open and will recommend turning Twitch Mode on
  • Anniversary update with party hats and gift explosions!

Version 6.0.4 | 6 Jan 2016

  • Fixed a bug where the "Item Unlock" animation froze if Post Processing was turned off
  • Increased bullet spawn rate in Super Hot
  • Improved speed of fetching ping values in the Server Browser screen
  • The background is now blurred during the "Waiting for other players" screen
  • Added more fake facts during the "Waiting for other players" screen
  • Fixed a bug where original background assets were unnecessary saved inside the .level files
  • Fixed a bug related to the "Goal" text in the score screen with ultra-wide resolutions
  • Replaced the Mutators "Yes/No" in the Server Browser with icons
  • Fixed invitation notifications not going away in ultra-wide resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where your character color wasn't matching your team color when joining an on-going match
  • Removed useless black bars on the side during the lobby in ultra-wide resolutions

Version 6.0.3 | 23 Dec 2016

  • Added 8 new achievements for the 4 new game modes (4 of which are daily missions)
  • Changed the logic of the random "upcoming game mode" pick in order to make a better and more intense gameplay experience
  • You can now pick more than 7 game modes in local games if you increase the time limit enough
  • Fixed a bug where the game thought you didn't finish the introduction phase. Now it's based on the existence of XP on our server instead of a local variable
  • Added the ability to go back to menu from the initial "introduction phase"
  • Fixed the "Confusion" mutator not scrambling text in the "Waiting for other players" screen
  • Fixed a crash related to online "Hat Chase"
  • Fixed a visual bug where the timer white circle wouldn't appear if you would quit the previous match during sudden death
  • Added better sound effects for "Static Bounce"
  • Fixed a crash related to the controller rebinding buttons screen
  • Fixed a bug in "Mind Control" introduced by the "Teams" mechanic
  • Added controller assets above AI players during "Convention Mode"
  • Fixed the depth of various in-game elements like the rocket in "Rocket Run" and the candies in "Sugar Rush" to be over the snow layer

Version 6.0.2 | 22 Dec 2016

  • SORRY, due to an error, you will have to play through the introduction phase again... sorry :(
  • Fixed a bug where the boss would always lose in "Boss Fight"
  • Fixed crash with "Super Hot" (again)
  • Improved snow texture wrapping
  • Fixed a crash related to snow generation
  • Added more debugging to find out an obscure bug in "Boss Fight"
  • Re-added the files for "Blow Back" to avoid crashes for players who still have the old-files (because Steam)
  • Changed the online chat colors based on your team color
  • Ping now changes color based on its value in the server browser screen
  • Fixed the running particles coming out of the wrong side of the player while being upside down because of the "VVVVVV" mutator
  • Added running particles in the Editor
  • Added the ability to start testing a level in the editor by pressing the "Start" button on a controller
  • Fixed a bug related to joining mid-game during a "Loot Grab" round
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the game was thinking you were attempting to abandon a match by going back to the menu after the match ended
  • Added randomization in the snowflake particle size
  • Added smooth keyboard/controller scrolling in all the lists like Statistics and Mods

Version 6.0.1 | 20 Dec 2016

  • Fixed crash related to "Super Hot" Mode
  • Fixed a typo in the game's files

Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Update

Version 6.0.0 | 20 Dec 2016

    Big additions
  • Ability to pick teams and create 2v2,2v1 & 3v1 matches
  • New Game Modes: Super Hot, Detonation Zone, Building Blocks
  • Redesigned Blowback into "Static Bounce"
  • 2 New Mutators: Life Hug and Confusion
  • Re-worked the way automatic matchmaking works
  • 7 New Characters
  • Ability to re-bind the controller button functionalities
    User Interface
  • Display server ping in the "Server Browser" screen
  • Rearranged buttons in the "Play Online" screen
  • Removed the "Join IP" button
  • Removed mini-stats under the "Points Gathered","Favorite Mode" etc. stats.
  • Added "Change Log" in the options screen
  • Cleaned up the Video and General options screen to make them less complicated
  • In the Stats screen, game modes are sorted by rounds played
  • Lowered the opacity on the ping icon in online lobbies
  • Moved the XP and unlock progress bars from the Collection screen to the Stats one
  • Ability to go directly to controller remapping screen if game detects an unkown controller
  • Made the game mode roulette in the score screen slightly wider to accomodate longer game mode names
  • Moved the jump tiles in a Sugar Rush level so players don't spawn on team and die instantly in case the "Hardcore" mutator is on
  • Fixed a bug where splash screens were unskipable with a controller
  • Fixed the offset pivot point for the basketball in Hoops. It was a mistake from the Haloween Edition
  • Fixed the alignment on the fat bodies of characters. This was broken for the past 3 years :D
  • Made "LifeBarFace" assets for characters optional instead of mandatory.
    Winter Edition
  • Festive splash screens
  • When a character dies, gift boxes appear!
  • Snow particles in menu background
  • Festive Spike Ball and Basket Ball!
  • Snow particles in-game
  • Snow deposited throughout the levels
  • Cute red hat instead of crown for winners
  • Gift box instead of wooden crate on item unlock
  • Snowballs instead of bullets in JumpShot
  • Splatters are now white
    Things that nobody will ever notice
  • Fixed the "Save Replay" text from being too big for the button in the Editor
  • Lowered the initial default music volume
  • Removed the "MouseLock" option
  • Editor now invisibly simulates the in-game timer so gameplay elements get affected by it (Like the bombs in Detoation Zone)
  • Maybe we've added a cheat code that allows you to change editions from the options screen...
  • Removed a debug key that simulated the abandon penalty animation
  • Enabled the third variation of background splatters that has been in the texture since forever but never used in code
  • Disabled local appdata caching of characters expressions data, it's stored in RAM now per session

Version X.X.X | 3 Nov 2016

  • This is the 100th update... no changes really, just a virtual high five! :D

Version 5.0.9 | 3 Nov 2016

  • HUGE CHANGE: Network packets are now received in a separate thread, which means that any potential fps drop caused by this in the past should be gone
  • Removed the un-used "Microphone level" slider in the Twitch Mode option screen
  • Restructured Audio options screen for better order
  • Made score tower always use the same font regardless of language (it was screwed up for Chinese)
  • Fixed a bug related to registering the "Speed Run" daily mission
  • Fixed bug where Daily Challenges awarded XP while the player was on abandon penalty

Version 5.0.8 | 29 Oct 2016

  • Fixed bug where the ceiling tiles of Shifty Ground didn't become deadly with the VVVVVV mutator
  • Made the penalty rounds number going down more obvious
  • Changed the spoopy brain crown to a GOLDEN BRAIN! BECAUSE WE CAN!
  • More gibs spawn on death... :)
  • Editor: Fixed a bug with the character diagnosis not detecting missing files (now it does)
  • Announcer preview lines now stop when you highlight the option "None"
  • Minor tweak to how the abandon system works
  • Added a new person in the credits screen, FIND HER

Version 5.0.7 | 28 Oct 2016 (Spoopy Edition)

  • New legendary character - MAW
  • New creepy announcer - Spoopy Guy
  • Added an "Editions" system that allows us to easily change the game visually for special events like Halloween
  • Added underwater goggles for all character while the Underwater mutator is active
  • The game was previously limited to 9 props per texture sheet, not the case anymore
  • Added a blank running SFX for modding purposes
  • Increased the resolution of the golden winner crown, it was pixelated and it was bothering me
  • Editor: Character diagnostics now report missing assets from the sheet that are present in the anim.json
  • Editor: Fixed bug related to Replay loading level window modal
  • Spoopy Edition: Added new menu background video
  • Spoopy Edition: Splash screens are bloody now
  • Spoopy Edition: Bloody gibs explode out of characters on death now
  • Spoopy Edition: All background splatters are red (and there are more of them!)
  • Spoopy Edition: Lights flicker every now and then to make the mood more spoopy
  • Spoopy Edition: Spice character's eyes glow red
  • Spoopy Edition: The original soundtrack menu theme is slowed down
  • Spoopy Edition: All particles are skulls
  • Spoopy Edition: Levels are covered with cobwebs
  • Spoopy Edition: The tesla gun in Boss Fight was replaced with a magic wand
  • Spoopy Edition: The rocket in Rocker Run is a seeking ghost (and the target is replaced with skulls)
  • Spoopy Edition: The bullets in Heavy Bullets were replaced with candy corn
  • Spoopy Edition: The hat in Hat Chase is a witch hat now
  • Spoopy Edition: The ball in Spike Ball had a skull embedded in its center
  • Spoopy Edition: The basketball in Hoops was replaced with a pumpkin
  • Spoopy Edition: The loot spawning portal in Loot Grab is... spoopy
  • Spoopy Edition: The bombs dropped with "Bomb Drop" mutator have been replaced by pumpkins
  • Spoopy Edition: The bomb in Bomb Tag is a pumpkin... we don't know why
  • Spoopy Edition: The AOE scare effect in Ghost Scare has a huge skull on it now
  • Spoopy Edition: The golden winner crown was replaced with a cracked skull n' brain
  • Spoopy Edition: Only halloween-y character fill the screen during Decoys mutator now
  • Spoopy Edition: Props are now halloween themed (candies, ghosts and pumpkins... and chunks of meat)

Version 5.0.6 | 24 Oct 2016

  • Quitting a game while having a "poor connection" only counts as half an abandon now
  • The boss flashes red when taking damage in Boss Fight
  • Hopefully fixed the linux botting problem
  • Fixed "Slam!" achievement now working properly
  • Fixed inconsistent button icons appearing when an unknown gamepad is used
  • The game will detect and let you know when an unkown gamepad is used
  • Added an "Example Mod" in the mods folder to encourage the curious ones
  • Fixed visual bug with flickering ground tiles when Ambient Occlusion is on
  • Editor - Added more source files for EditorUI, Tiles, UI, Bg Assets & more in the Devkit folder
  • Editor - Ability to change the depth of background assets through the context menu
  • Editor - Replaced the "Tips" cutton in the top right with a "Hide UI" button
  • Editor - Level loading window has tabs for "My Levels", "Official Levels" and "Modded Levels" now
  • Editor - Added the ability to toggle between normal and fat body in the character viewer
  • Editor - Added real time diagnostics that report missing files in the character viewer
  • Editor - Added a healthbar in the character viewer with offset values
  • Editor - Hidden characters no longer show up in the character viewer (they were clogging up the list)
  • Editor - The editor UI is no longer visible while the character viewer is on screen
  • Editor - The level saving animation has a SFX now
  • Editor - Fixed a tiny bug where the "Save As" level name text bar looked highlighted but it wasn't
  • Editor - Ambient occlusion re-freshes on level load, no more funky shadows everywhere
  • Editor - Had to remove the "Author" column in the level loading window to avoid slow loading times
  • Editor - Fixed the trash button in level loading window. Hopefully it works now
  • Editor - Added game mode icons in the level loading list
  • Editor - Added falling sfx when Joe falls to his death after the level is deleted
  • Editor - Fixed a blind spot on the bottom of the screen preventing you from placing tiles there
  • Editor - Color tiles are now solid and can be walked on during editing
  • Editor - Fixed various bugs related to scroll bars
  • Editor - Fixed bug where ground tiles remained deadly after testing Shifty Grounds
  • Editor - Props no longer float FOREVER after using the Underwater Mutator
  • Editor - Added a "No Mutator" icon instead of a blank empty sad space
  • Editor - Added the leading marker representation during camera placement adjustment
  • Editor - Updated tooltip texts to be relevant. They were seriously old
  • Editor - Added custom text editing cursor, it no longer turns into the OS cursor
  • Editor - Changed the color of previously orange scroll bars to light blue, has anyone noticed?
  • Editor - Fixed a crash when flipping props (who does that?)
  • Editor - Fixed a crash related to deleting tiles (and fixed the zombie context menu as well)
  • Editor - We now skip the exit confirmation on Alt+F4 to make it faster
  • Editor - You can no longer delete UI elements... this bug has been around for over two years now.
  • Editor - Added visible shortcut keys in the bottom right corner of the editor
  • Editor - Added alternative one letter shortcuts like "N", "L" & "S" for faster menu button access

Version 5.0.5 | 7 Oct 2016

  • Fixed potential booting problem on linux caused by line endings
  • Added Idle warning before getting kicked in a lobby
  • Added automatic friends list refresh
  • Added "Player Joined/Left" notifications in the in-game chat
  • Added options for chat profanity filters and AI sentience
  • Added more AI Bots chat lines
  • Added a new resolution option in the editor
  • Fixed the NSFW mutator on old GPUs
  • Added a "Devkit" folder with a bunch of source files for modders
  • Fixed a crash when leaving a local game with bots
  • Tweaked Sugar Rush level to accomodate Stabilizer mutator
  • Improved wording on game mode mastering progress bars
  • Mutator settings are now remembered in hosted lobbies
  • Grouped developer settings under an "Advanced" tab
  • Fixed crash related to underwater mutator
  • Added alert sound effects that play regardless of volume (can be toggled)
  • Fixed obscure bug with obscure controllers, seriously, use xbox or PS ones... please
  • Fixed a crash related to accepting invites
  • Unlocking hidden characters now working in the character selection screen
  • Allowed infinite scrolling for Yes/No in the mutator toggle pop-up
  • Fixed crash related to updating already published mods
  • AI Bots will now spam the ready button if you wait too long

Version 5.0.4 | 22 Sep 2016

  • Fixed various problems related to edge case scenarios where XP and items were not allocated correctly
  • Fixed a crash during the loading transition
  • Fixed crash realted to NSFW mutator
  • Fixed crash related to Loot Grab assets and animations
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ball to be un-grab-able in Hoops after a player dies while holding it
  • Made teleporters more obvious in the LootGrab level

Version 5.0.3 | 21 Sep 2016

  • Fixed a crash related to Decoys where the player didn't have enough skins for them to use
  • Fixed a crash related to UTF-8... freaking funky characters

Version 5.0.2 | 21 Sep 2016

  • Added 3 new Daily Missions
  • Fixed a crash with Loot Grab

Version 5.0.1 | 21 Sep 2016

  • Added working ceiling death tiles in Shifty Grounds with the VVVVVV mutator
  • Lowered gun charge time in God Gun with VVVVVV mutator
  • Increased platform acceleration in Vertigo with the VVVVVV mutator
  • Made deadly ground last longer in Shifty Grounds with Underwater mutator
  • Added a 1.3 seconds cooldown and lowered the boss's teleportation in Boss Fight with Teleportation mutator
  • Added the ability for bombs to damage the boss in Boss Fight with Bomb Drop mutator
  • Improved the timing in some Lily Pichu announcer lines
  • Better Mind Control AI logic
  • Removed the "rumble not working on win 10 due to drivers" string from the options screen... yay for fixed rumble!

Best Value Update

Version 5.0.0 | 21 Sep 2016

    Big additions
  • New Game Modes: Loot Grab & Mind Control
  • New Mutator: Stabilizer, Decoys, Underwater, VVVVVV, NSFW & Bomb Drop
  • Abandon Penalties
  • Item Unlocks instead of Master Achievements
  • New Announcer: LilyPichu
  • Improved XP verification
  • In-Game Chat
    User Interface
  • Optimized mode voting screen so only the videos that are on screen play, making the transition much smoother
  • Stats screen animate scroll to the game mode you mastered after item unlock.
  • Added option for "Convention Mode" in the general options screen
  • Moved Mutator and time indicators at the top of online lobbies
  • Allowed the in-game chat to dynamically alter UI elements like the mode voting playlist and the score screen upcoming-game roulette
  • Slightly shifted UI elements around in online matches to accomodate the in-game chat
  • Cached level locally so it gets displayed correctly when the server cannot be reached
  • User avatar and level are replaced with "Server cannot be reached" text when the game can't reach our servers or Steam (instead of disappearing completely)
  • Greyed out menu buttons that heavily used Steam integration when Steam is not opened
  • Increased the max speed of Vertigo by 50%
  • The charge time in God Gun gets shorter over time
  • Changed Ghost Ability unlock level from 6 to 10
  • Restructured mutators in tiers of 4 instead of individual unlocks
  • Removed "Lights Off" from Daily Challenge rotation
  • Disabled sudden death in Boss Fight
  • Reduced mastery of a game mode from 500 rounds to 300. Item unlocks on mastery instead of achievement.
  • Removed a bug where the announcer would say "Level Up" when you unlocked an item through other means
  • Proper use of lowpass filter during Underwater mutator
  • Added a minimal delay for very fast looping sounds to prevent audio artifacts
  • Refactored the controller code, fixing multiple non-working controllers and bringing rumble back to Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use VVVVVV during countdowns
  • Started developing a new game mode and decided it's not good enough
  • Fixed an optimization problem where decoys were rendering off-screen
  • Blessed AI with the ability to use the in-game chat
  • Fixed a bug where "Replaced with AI" slots were not passing properly back to the lobby
  • Fixed a crash caused by a mid-game join
  • Added special support for thumbstick movement for the Underwater mutator
  • Fixed a crash when Steam was not initialized
  • Added Jon "Carnage" as a hidden character to surprize him on the Twitch stage and left it there for sh#&z and giggles
    Things that nobody will ever notice
  • Lowered the screenshake in Twitch QWERTY Bombs
  • Fixed the visual glitch that occurred when both left and right movement arrows were held
  • In Editor, mutators render on separate columns if they go out-of-screen
  • In Editor, mutators have a better color scheme
  • Fixed a visual glitch with players rotating too much with the Underwater mutator
  • Increased several characters' self esteem
  • Prevented edge case scenarios in Boss Fight, God Gun and Heavy Bullets for the Underwater mutator
  • Fixed a visual bug where some mutator icons were slightly bigger than others (like, 5% bigger, seriously why do I even care about this?)
  • Fixed a bug where lobbies wouldn't remember their mutator status
  • Fixed a - stupid - bug where the game would become unplayable after a player left during a round of Mind Control because the characters controls wouldn't go back
  • Fixed a bug related to player spawning both in-game and editor
  • Fixed "The cursed Joshua highlight rectangle" in conventionmode lobbies
  • The correct randomized controller is used during conventionmode mode voting
  • You now have to cycle left to go from mutators "Yes" to "No" instead of right

Version 4.0.6 | 12 Aug 2016

  • Improved timer graphics, looking slightly smoother without requiring AA
  • Fixed a bug where AI Bots would get replaced with idle "players" in lobbies
  • Removed the ability to trigger the teleportation mutator with the ALT key (Only jump works now)
  • Added experimental native dance pad control support
  • Improved Tesla Gun graphics in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug where XP wouldn't carry over after a host migration
  • Fixed crash related to mutator selection with a low level
  • Killing the boss in Boss Fight no longer counts towards the achievement for the boss himself
  • Fixed crash on missing sound files
  • Fixed crash during host migration from mode voting
  • Replaced the ground tiles with Health Tiles in Twitch Drop Kill mode
  • Added a ceiling in Twitch Drop Kill mode to accomodate upcoming mutators
  • Prevent "Level Up" screen from showing up by mistake when you didn't actually leveled up
  • Twitch mutator selection is no longer always the one in the middle

Version 4.0.5 | 22 July 2016

  • Fixed in-game soundtrack not randomizing tracks
  • Soundtrack mods can now be used online
  • Fixed a pretty common BossFight crash
  • Fixed various visual bugs in non 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't regenerate life in Twitch DropKill because of the platform speed
  • Added a "Update published mods" section in the modding wiki
  • Removed the mandatory "_1" sufix from Announcer lines files (makes things easier)
  • Fixed a crash related to soundtracks missing tracks

Version 4.0.4 | 21 July 2016

  • Fixed bugs related to steam inventory items (The game wasn't receiving the item details from Steam so we moved it to our own server)
  • "Love.exe stopped working" warning for machines using AMD cards
  • Updated Engine on Macs (Mods suggestions now work on OSX)
  • Cleaned up some assets and code related to game mode selection
  • Fixed crash related to mods
  • Improved winner sunrays in score screen for non 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Prettier "Time's Up", "Sudden Death" & "Level Up" text assets

Version 4.0.3 | 12 July 2016

  • Fixed bullets not spawning in "Heavy Bullets"
  • Fixed various issues with the ball getting stuck in "Hoops"
  • Fixed a crash related to missing songs in a soundtrack
  • Developers are now yellow in the online chat list
  • Better winner particles in the score screen

Version 4.0.2 | 8 July 2016

  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Boss Fight" to show up in online matches
  • Fixed the crashes related to "Asset missing"

Version 4.0.1 | 7 July 2016

  • Fixed problem with the game not running on Mac
  • Fixed a bug where the chat would stop working after a while
  • Fixed minor bug related to host migration
  • Fixed a crash related to outline cache

Toxic Update

Version 4.0.0 | 6 July 2016

    Big Additions
  • New Game Modes - Hoops, Boss Fight and God Gun
  • Online Chat
  • Emotes - The ability to use the right thumbstick (or Shift + arrow keys) to spawn emote in online matches
  • Host Migration - When the host leaves the game, the server will migrate to one of the existing players, keeping the match going
  • AFK Bots - When a player leaves mid-game, an AI bot will take his place automatically
  • New Characters
  • New Mutator - Fly or Die - Only regenerate health while in mid-air
  • Character Mod Suggestions at the end of local games with the ability to subscribe with a single button press
  • Added support for touch-screen controls on windows machines (Like Microsoft Surface)
  • Replaced the old menu background video with a new one featuring the new game modes
  • The green countdown numbers in lobbies now vibrate when they are about to hit 0
  • In the editor, game modes are now rendered on two columns. There were so many they got off-screen.
  • New game modes will now display a "NEW" tag in mode voting screen
  • Added a "Reload" button in the Character Preview mode in the Editor
  • Fixed a bug related to chat getting stuck after going into a lobby
  • Game modes are now considered "NEW" if you have less than 40 rounds in them
  • Score screen winner particles!
  • In Twitch Mode, the game will take into account all messages from all players on the server, not only the host's
  • Inactive hosts will be kicked from their own server after 120 seconds of inactivity in the lobby.
  • Slightly increased the time for most game modes by an average of 5 seconds
  • In "Spike Ball" the ball is not lethal before it starts moving (it's also desaturated to indicate that)
  • In "Bomg Tag", the time it takes for the bomb to explode was increased from 6.35 to 8 seconds
  • In "Sugar Rush" the last candy moves towards the mid-point between the remaining two players at a much slower speed
  • Hosts can no longer pull you out of the end-of-match screen
  • Fixed a soft lock during mutator selection in case the player selecting leaves the game
  • Soundtrack Packs - Ability to pick different soundtracks from the audio settings screen (supports modded soundtrack packs as well)
  • Fixed crash related to soudntrack switching after an online match
  • Changed the SFX of the bomb exploding in Bomb Tag
  • Removed "The Wine Kone" announcer because of poor audio quality :(
  • Added in "Heavy Bullets" announcer lines for most announcers
  • Added new Daily Missions in the daily rotation.
  • Basic spam filter for online chat
  • Fixed that one crash in that one place
  • Fixed a bug where emotes were not cleaned up properly and they would carry over to the next game mode
  • Improved LAN game testing
  • New achievements!
  • Disable movement while Shift is held down to use emotes
    Things that nobody will ever notice
  • Improved Ambient Occlusion quality and performance
  • Official support for 8Bitdo Zero controllers
  • Game no longer stutters when cycling through announcers, they are pre-loaded when the screen opens now.
  • Added a debug keys toggle in startup.ini for development purposes
  • The crown placement got broken in the winner screen but we fixed it. I'm not sure why I included this change in here.
  • Fixed time scale issues in the editor, makes testing easier.
  • The mutator on/off status wasn't synced in online lobbies, now it is
  • Removed old unused sound effects
  • Fixed a rare bug where a "Draw" round would show up as the host winning on clients' screens
  • In ConventionMode, the hidden characters and difficult mutators are disabled, and the first mutator vote comes after the 3rd round instead of before the first
  • The "You forgot to move" text in score screen no longer shows up if you died because of the "Move And Die" mutator
  • Game Modes take less time to randomize into place in the mode voting screen

Version 3.0.4 | 15 May 2016

  • Fixed various bugs related to the "out of memory" crash
  • Applied memory leak fixed from newer Love2D versions
  • Added the option to mute the audio while game is out of focus
  • Fixed a crash in Spike Ball
  • Added fancy animation to Mode Selection screen

Version 3.0.3 | 5 May 2016

  • Fixed a minor code slip that made all characters derpy
  • Made several adjustments to the "Glitch" appearances throughout the game
  • Fixed a minor error in the Credits screen

Version 3.0.2 | 5 May 2016

  • Made structural changes to our servers so they don't crash anymore (This was the cause of occasional XP loss)
  • Fixed crash related to latency compensation in "Spike Ball"
  • Fixed crash related to the death tiles in "Shifty Ground"
  • Fixed crash when sorting lobby list with servers with number names
  • Fix crash if the TwitchBalance platform doesn't load in time
  • Renamed the "Dutch" language to "Nederlands (Dutch)" + Various fixes to strings
  • Added something, somewhere in the game
  • Improved overall game stability
  • Made the TwitchBalance votes more powerful
  • Optimized the twitch viewers pull so it doesn't crash our servers anymore

Version 3.0.1 | 29 Apr 2016

  • Fixed line ends bug preventing the game from launching on OSX and Linux machines
  • Fixed a crash related to "HugeTextSheet"
  • Fixed a bug where the timer sound wouldn't stop after backing out of the Mode Selection screen in local Twitch Mode
  • Scrolling credits screen to fit all the awesome people who have helped make the game awesome!
  • Added extra text about twitch functionality in Twitch Mode Settings screen
  • Added a 40 seconds limit on every special Twitch Game Mode in case of lack of chat activity
  • Fixed a bug where the new mode "Heavy Bullets" wasn't considered an unlockable mode
  • Fixed crash related to networking in "Heavy Bullets"
  • Viewers can now vote for multiple game modes during mode voting in Twitch Mode
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the explosion particles from QWERTY bomb to be present in all he other modes

Viewers vs Streamers Update

Version 3.0.0 | 29 Apr 2016

    Big Additions
  • Added Ambient Occlusion, giving a more pleasing aesthetic to the entire level
  • Teleportation Mutator, you can now go through walls!
  • New game mode: Heavy Bullets inspired by the awesome game "Heavy Bullets" (thanks @terrivellmann)
  • New characters! Including cameos from Shovel Knight, Glitch from Twitch and TankMan from Newgrounds
  • Twitch integration where viewers can influence the game!
  • Special twitch-based game modes where viewers control obstacles directly through the chat
  • Awesome new achievements
  • Announcer selection screen when the game is booted up for the first time
  • Grumpy Egoraptor (Arin) Announcer
  • The characters' descriptions are now displayed in the character selection screen
  • Added a "Death Reason" animation in the score screen which reminds you when you die because you haven't moved
  • Improved the UI for displaying mutator and match length status in lobbies
  • Optimized UI so it doesn't lag where there are big lists displayed
  • Added icons to certain pop-up messages to make them easier to identify
  • Added a scrolling "Goal" text on the goal line in the score screen
  • Added a Twitch Mode settings screen
  • Extended the "Freeze Mode Selection videos on low framerates after X seconds" by 2 seconds
  • Fixed various problems with online play.
  • Fixed a bug where players could teleport outside of the level with the Teleportator Mutator
  • Lowered the nr. of rounds required to reach the Daily Challenge Badges
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Daily Challenge mutator to be the same
  • Disabled the option of turning Mutators off while TwitchMode is on
  • Made all the vote options during TwitchMode pulsate
  • Improved Heavy Bullets AI
  • Changed the number of "rounds per minute" from 2 to 1
  • You can now go back to menu from local Mode Voting (ONLY local)
  • Announcer lines now loop while the "Announcer" option is highlighted
  • The programmer's words "Fixed a typo that caused horrible things to happen"
  • Added freaking amazing gun sounds for Heavy Bullets <3
  • Added Dutch translation!
  • Fixed a networking issue related to jetpacks
  • Whispers now pull emotes as well
  • Fixed a bug where votes weren't registering anymore in Twitch Mode after a TwitchLaser round
  • Fixed problem with the Death reason not getting removed correctly after score screen
  • Fixed a bug where the game couldn't fetch the number of viewers in twitch mode, so now it default to 100.
  • Spent a significant amount of time working on a feature that couldn't be released with this update :<
  • Fixed a bug related to saving and loading replays with mutators in them
  • Fixed utf8 bug related to twitch whispers
  • Fixed lasers using hardcoded timers instead of animation labels
  • Fixed a lack of polish where the Mutator Wheel wouldn't trigger right when you got selected during mutator selection.
  • Fixed a crash related to the JoeArray data
  • Added fancy laser assets for the lasers in Twitch Lasers... lasers.
  • Fixed a crash when the Steam username was nil
  • Made one more character self aware.
  • Experimented with microphone input (still work in progress)
  • Experimented with a "slow motion" twitch mode but removed it due to time constraints.
  • Fixed the way "rounds played" were tracked in "Shifty Ground" and "Spike Ball"
  • Made the first project git commit during flight from an airplane's wifi.
  • Prevented the need for a restart after changing the twitch channel for TwitchMode
  • You can now use mutators in the editor!
  • The replay system can also use mutators
  • Ability to change skins in the editor replay system
  • Renamed the "ChainsawDrop" entity in the editor to "DropPoint" so it can be used universally in multiple game modes
    Super Small Things
  • In the mutators pop-up, the "No" option is on the left now, rather than the previous "right"
  • Fixed a bug where the character description wouldn't get removed properly after leaving the lobby
  • Temporarily disable "Death Reason" animation while the "Move and Die" mutator is on
  • Removed the baked shadows from the background assets
  • Fixed some controller assignment problems in conventionmode (PAX EAST)
  • Replaced lasers labled "Top1" "top2" to "Tango" "Whiskey" etc...
  • Renamed "Poop" and "Wizard" to "Poopster" and "Unfortunate Trevor"
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when you Alt+F4 out of the game. No idea why we fixed this...
  • Cleaned up the devconsole prints on boot

Version 2.0.3 | 7 Apr 2016

  • Removed some work in progress elements that weren't ready for the public build yet (Sorry, my bad) :3

Version 2.0.2 | 6 Apr 2016

  • Fixed a common crash related to mid-game joining
  • Removed any legacy "Light system" code to potentially improve performance
  • Playing a bigger number of rounds in a single match grants you even more XP than it did before

Version 2.0.1 | 26 Mar 2016

  • Fixed a handful of user reported problems
  • Fixed the black background now filling the entire screen on resolutions higher than 1080p
  • Made characters slowly realize that they are inside a video game and look around in the lobby
  • Fixed bug where players weren't spawning as ghosts after mid-game join
  • Fixed bug with the character sheet showing up during Skin Swapper Mutator
  • Added Mutator icon in the Daily Challenge screen
  • Removed BlowBack from Daily Challenge
  • Prevented "Game Length" highlight from showing up by default in the "Host Server" screen
  • Prevented the game from running at a higher resolution than the monitor's native one
  • Fixed a bug where Draw and Time Out animations keep playing within the menu
  • Improved Japanese announcer lines and added mystery lines
  • Prevent accepting invites during menu/party transitions etc
  • Optimized the biggest in-game texture which was the "Shine" animation. It's now made with code

Mutators Update

Version 2.0.0 | 10 Mar 2016

    Big Additions
  • Mutators
  • New game modes: Spike Ball + Shifty Ground
  • Seven new characters
  • New levels
  • Announcers
  • New UI leading marker
  • Ability to have multiple local players in online games
  • Ability to join an on-going match
  • Fixed a crash when a round ended in "Draw"
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the players from showing up during the "Draw" animation
  • Fixed a bug where the health wasn't draining during sudden death while the Move and Die mutator was on
  • Added in a time limit for mutator selection
  • Added a 1 second delay for the ghosts' deadly touch
  • Prevented the death tiles from killing you in Shifty Ground when they start disappearing
  • Disabled Jetpacks for ghosts
  • Prevented the same player form being selected twice in a row for mutator selection
  • Ghosts can now use jump tiles
  • Decoupled character velocity from health regeneration, fixing the problem of insta-death in BlowBack while the Move and Die mutator was on
  • Prevented the AI from running to their death while the Move and Die mutator is on (except in SpeedRun)
    User Interface
  • Fixed depth problem with the leading marker
  • Added mutator icon in the instructions screen & "waiting for other players" screen
  • Made the leading player colored bar flash in the leading marker
  • Made the mutator icons randomize for a second when they first appear on screen
  • Made "Mutators" to be considered as special abilities
  • Added "Mutators" pop-up when you host a server with friends
  • Added icons for the Game Length, Password and Mutators pop-ups when you host a server
  • Added a new "Local" button for each empty slot in online lobbies allowing you to add extra local players
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong color was flashing in the leading marker
  • Added "loading" animations in the empty slots of online lobbies without a password while "looking for other players"
  • Fixed possible crash when the mutators selection screen was destroyed
  • Added a "Mutators" option in the "Host Server" screen
  • Made the winner descend even slower in the score screen
  • Prevent announcer lines from overlapping
  • Added preview lines when cycling through announcers in the Audio Settings
  • Applied a low pass filter on the winner track while the announcer is talking
  • Fixed various problems related to announcer compatibility
  • A zooming in/out sound effect was added in Sugar Rush and Spike Ball
  • Fixed various crashes reported by players... it's a never-ending stream :(
  • Removed zombie processes going on in the background after the game was closed
  • Improved SpeedRun AI by removing the manual waypoint system
  • Fixed a bug where jetpack particles were rendering behind the background assets
  • Added mutators in the Level Editor
  • Masked the character's face in the health bars so it doesn't get out of bounds (like Stashy used to do)
  • Prevented a soft-lock by making a player auto pick a mutator in case he quits during selection
  • Fixed a crash related to input method when joining an on-going match
  • Ignore invites to the current lobby to avoid weird crashes.
  • Added networking prediction to Spike Ball and Shifty Ground to compensate latency
  • Fixed a bug where the mutator selection screen was triggered 2 rounds in a row
  • Ability to "Cancel" the online server pop-ups instead of being forced to "Confirm"
  • Fixed various visual bugs caused by the Skin Swapper mutator
  • Fixed the characters healthbar faces offset during Skin Swapping
  • Added AI selected mutators in the Daily Challenge
  • Changed the BlowBack description
  • Improved the eye mask algorithm to be more forgiving and prevent crashes when the masks aren't perfect
  • Added memory usage + graphics stats to crash reports in order to investigate "out of memory" crashes
  • Fixed bug where mutators settings would get whipped after inviting friends to your lobby
  • Fixed a bug where the daily challenge in-between-rounds screen couldn't be skipped
    Small things that nobody will ever notice
  • Fixed that funky upside down frame when a player died
  • Fixed a Daily Challenge exploit
  • Made the spike ball hitbox smaller
  • The hat wearer flashes in Hat Chase
  • Overhaul of the scoring and rank system to accommodate the new leading marker
  • Characters will now remember their expressions in mode voting, instead of randomizing every time they move
  • Added jumping dust animation on double jumps
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts could infinitely jump while touching another player
  • Fixed a bug where double jumping wasn't possible on multiple controllers
  • Prevented the mode name from showing up at the top of the screen in the instructional phase

Version 1.1.6 | 26 Feb 2016

  • Added Japanese language support
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would unintentionally zoom in and follow a player
  • Prevented the same candy dispenser from being picked twice in a row in Sugar Rush
  • Fixed bug where ghosts would be visible after teleporting in Ghost Scare
  • Fixed a bug where the chromatic aberration wouldn't be reset at the beginning of a round
  • Added a specific message when the host closes the server instead of "Host left"
  • Fixed a crash related to Sugar Rush
  • Fixed common "State Doesn't Exist" crash
  • Fixed various bugs

Version 1.1.5 | 13 Feb 2016

  • Improved error logging when a user loses connection to host to identify potential problems
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • Fixed a bug where the Win Rate would display NaN%
  • Added additional checks on crashes caused by mods so the game points that out

Version 1.1.4 | 12 Feb 2016

  • Crashes report automatically now, no need to do it manually anymore (this means better bug tracking and more efficient patches)
  • Converted "Rounds Played" and "Wins" into a "Win Rate" percentage
  • Improved AI in Vertigo
  • Made sure all players spawn on different platforms in Vertigo
  • Fixed a weird bug related to the player's position in Speed Run rounds
  • Added additional debug info to the "netcode" debug screen including MatchID
  • Cleaned up unused assets in the game files

Version 1.1.3 | 8 Feb 2016

  • Several optimizations to tiles and objects in the hopes of pleasing the frame rate gods
  • Fixed several user reported crashes
  • Ability to have per-level timer for Speed Run maps in the editor
  • Collection screen progress bar now tween into place
  • Added a version check when somebody tries to join a server through friend invite
  • Fixed a bug where the falling blocks achievements triggering in the tutorial
  • Added some... eggs :D
  • Fixed a potential issue with permission of reading/writing startup.ini on certain machines
  • Progression bars in the Statistics screen turn golden upon 100%
  • Fixed the annoying double sound effect bug on hovering over the lobby buttons
  • Added an option to turn off screenshake in the Video Options screen
  • Added a dedicated "Chromatic Aberration" option separated from the Post Processing one
  • Fixed a rare case where the player's rank in Speed Run would glitch out
  • "Rounds Played" counter in the score screen resets after going back to menu
  • Fixed a bug where the "Kabloom" and "Master Avoider" achievements would trigger even if you were dead
  • "Almost There" achievement now displaying the number of steps correctly, and reduced the numbe of steps from 50k to 30k
  • AA disabled for all presets by default. It can still be turned on manually in the Video Options

Version 1.1.2 | 3 Feb 2016

  • Fixed a pretty common crash that was caused by the last update, sorry :>
  • Fixed a visual bug where in certain languages, the game mode name would spill out of its frame during Mode Voting
  • In online lobbies, when everybody is ready, a countdown starts before the match begins
  • Fixed the death tile animation loop
  • The collection screen button wiggles if you have freshly new items unlocked
  • Fixed a missing character in the Russian language

Version 1.1.1 | 29 Jan 2016

  • Fixed a bug that would show the "leveling up" animation in local games
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to get stuck in a ghost lobby without players
  • Added a big number in the background representing how many modes you have to pick in Mode Voting

Version 1.1.0 | 28 Jan 2016

  • Added Ukrainian translation
  • Removed the ability to see game invites during Mode Voting
  • Fixed a problem where the game asked you to go through the tutorial again after the "Incompatible GPU" error
  • Optimizations to certain tiles in order to improve framerate
  • Fixed a crash in Sugar Rush
  • Made the lowest video settings not ruin textures so much
  • Prevent character movement through controller from working when the game is not in focus
  • Fixed a bug that caused your controller to rumble when AI was on low health

Version 1.0.9 | 26 Jan 2016

  • Lowered the chances of incompatible video settings causing the "OpenGL" error on startup
  • Added more log info to "out of memory" crashes for better debugging
  • Fixed a bug where a character remained invisible after a Ghost Scare round
  • Holding down the start button in convention mode will go back to menu
  • Fixed the bad button mapping for Xbox One and wireless Xbox 360 controllers on SteamOS
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong server name and game length in online lobbies

Version 1.0.8 | 25 Jan 2016

  • Moved the "Host Server" button from the server browser to the "Play Online" screen
  • Fixed the lack of sound on SteamOS
  • Added the ability to use launch commands on SteamOS

Version 1.0.7 | 24 Jan 2016

  • Improved Falling blocks networking
  • Made some improvement to prevent "Time outs" and loss of connection. Still needs more work!
  • Added an option to set a server password in "Play with friends" servers
  • Fixed crash related to Russian translation
  • Fixed various networking crashes
  • Disable a few debug hotkeys so they don't interfere with playing

Version 1.0.6 | 23 Jan 2016

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pass the bomb through walls

Version 1.0.5 | 23 Jan 2016

  • Networking improvements to Bomb Tag so Northernlion doesn't cry anymore
  • Networking improvements to Hat Chase

Version 1.0.4 | 23 Jan 2016

  • Added "Slovenian" translation
  • Health bars now vibrate when they are close to 0%
  • Display length of game under the server name in lobby
  • Changed some english strings
  • Fixed various obscure crashes
  • Added a bunch of new "Facts" while you wait for the other players online
  • Ability to use "convention" launch option to trigger convention mode
  • Added a note in the Mod Manager to make it more clear that they are local only
  • Fixed bug where in Rocket Run, if you teleported right when you died, you would turn into a black and white ghost.

Version 1.0.3 | 22 Jan 2016

  • Various translations fixes
  • Added some streamers/youtubers hidden characters

Version 1.0.2 | 22 Jan 2016

  • Ability to use any type of input in the online lobby (both keyboard and controller)
  • Fixed a crash related to the landing dust effect
  • Hidden goodies ;)
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite rollover with the controller in online lobbies
  • Slightly lowered the speed of the hat weaer in Hat Chase
  • Removed the temporary tile next to the jump pad in Hat Chase
  • Fixed the bug where global invites would display [unknown] instead of the player's name
  • Improvements to the Russian and Swedish translations

Version 1.0.1 | 21 Jan 2016

  • Fixed a Steam related crash
  • Added a "Market" button in the Collection screen
  • Fixed a problem with long names being displayed in the lobby
  • Fixed a problem with a bad font in the Russian language
  • Filled the empty string in Russian

Golden Master

Version 1.0.0 | 21 Jan 2016

    Big Additions
  • New game modes: Fizzle Floor, Rocket Run, Vertigo, Chainsaw Backstab, Cleanup Crew
  • Added 20 new characters
  • Added XP system linked to your Steam account where you can level up
  • Added unlockable characters and game modes as Steam Items when you level up
  • Public mode voting before each match instead of host picking the modes himself
  • Ability to turn into a ghost after you die, slowing down the alive players you run into
  • Implemented podium scoring system (all players gain points every round based on rank)
  • Added the "Collection" screen which keeps track of your bad hoarding habits
  • Added random “Daily Missions” that you can complete in online games for bonus XP
  • Added a learning phase when you first play the game
  • Added user friendly interface for friend invites to your game (without going through the steam overlay)
  • Language selection screen when you first open the game + new languages
    Game Modes
  • Player slowly automatically inflate in Blow Back over time
  • Screenshake in Blow Back in online games
  • In online games, your screen flashes while you have the bomb
  • The health bar of the bomb wearer flashes in sync with the bomb
  • Host dictates who was killed when the bomb goes off to avoid conflictions
  • Slight changes to the level
  • In online Ghost Scare, it's more obvious where your character is
  • Improved networking
  • Changed the hat behavior, it no longer falls off the wearer, it floats to a new position
  • Added countdown animation for the last 5 seconds
  • The last candy will float towards the middle point between the last 2 players
  • There are now teleporters in Sugar Rush
    User Interface
  • Larger (colored) important buttons in the main menu
  • Added Leaderboards in the Daily Challenge screen
  • Added a big 5 seconds countdown at the end of rounds without sudden death
  • Added clear win / lose conditions in the mode introduction screen
  • Addition of "Winner" text in the score screen above the players
  • Added "Level Up" animation with item unlock screen
  • Added a flashing "Poor connection" sign during a match if the game detects pings higher than 150ms
  • Added a “Almost Winning” message in the score screen when a player is one round away from winning
  • Fixed bug where the blurred background wouldn’t fade out after the instructions screen on low end computers
  • Fixed a problem with lowercase letters in non latin languages not capitalizing properly
  • Ability to change the game length while in lobby through a pop-up
  • Player ranks is visible after death instead of health bar
  • Extra clean score screen visible before the final winner screen
  • Visual change of how the characters enter the score screen (in order of local rank)
  • Game modes titles are colored based on their rarity now (all common white for now)
  • "Press (A) to add AI BOT" message added in the local lobby
  • Ability to navigate the UI with a controller in the Server Browser screen
  • Added smooth fade to black transitions between screens
  • Added a “Character Viewer” in the editor
  • XP bar no longer shows up if Steam is not initialized
  • Display English text if a string can’t be found in a different language
  • Server browser will no longer display outdated servers hosted on older versions
  • Points are now displayed instead of the health bar when a player dies in the form of "+5"
  • Display daily missions in the Online screen and in the bottom of "Waiting for players" screen
  • Fixed a bug in online lobbies by adding a “Waiting for Host” pop-up until the host returns
  • Added screen that shows your completed missions at the end of an online match
  • Added a special description for the first character and mode ever unlocked
  • Added a button in the “Play Locally” screen that allows you to play the introduction phase again
  • Moved the “Daily Challenge” to the main menu instead of “Play Online”
  • Changed the way you toggle mods in the Mod Manager and apply them
  • In the score screen, the points you gained show up once your character lands on its tower
  • Highlighted button in lobbies now flash constantly (we still have to fix their hover animation)
  • Improved the “Waiting to spawn” message when you join an on-going match
  • Improved crash screen visually + merged the 2 “report bug” buttons into one
  • Added a “Bugs Found” leaderboard in the crash screen
  • Scanning for servers while there are none hosted will send global invites to anybody who is in the menu
  • Improved the overall online experience
  • Ability to accept game invites with a controller directly in-game (without going through steam’s overlay)
  • Big improvement to the way clients send movement packets, improving the overall movement in online games
  • Improved the method of adding extra characters in local lobbies, fixing several design problems in the process
  • Temporarily removed the ability to have multiple local players in an online game
  • Added an online movement smoothing system to iron out the jittery-ness of a poor connection
  • Changed the number of rounds to "minutes" so the player can pick how long a game will last
  • Added the red vignette in online games to make it clearer when you are about to die
  • Added controller rumble when you are almost out of health
  • Improved the way knockback works in online games so it no longer feels like there is any input delay
  • Improved “Awareness” animation when the round starts to point out your character
  • Distinctive sound effect when you kill a player online
  • Ability to turn into a ghost in online games unlocked at level 6
  • Added the new modes in the Daily Challenge rotation
  • A new player joining a server will overwrite an AI Bot
  • Idle players in both local and online games will be kicked out after 2 rounds
  • Awesome “unboxing” animation when you unlock a new item… we seriously love this one :D
    Those annoying bugs that took most of our development time
  • Finally fixed the annoying “Missing MSVCP110.dll” bug that prevented the game from running on various systems
  • Fixed crash related to the parsing of the language .csv file
  • Fixed several bugs related to public mode voting, specifically player connecting and disconnecting during voting
  • Fixed softlock where client left during score screen
  • Reduced the chance to “Lost connection to host”... we still have no idea why it happens
  • Fixed softlock where client left before the "new player joined" notification
  • Fixed bug related to the shooting sound in online Jump Shot
  • Fixed bug related to "time's up" in online games not being properly synced
  • Fixed bug where the cat's eyeball disappear
  • Fixed bug where jump sounds would play at the end of an online round
  • Fixed bug related to the blurred background during score
  • Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to skip the level up screen with a controller
  • Fixed bug where the Pirate's inflated body would have a different skin color
  • Fixed bug where the "Move or Die" text at the beginning of the round would glitch out
  • Fixed bug where reconnecting to a server would cause in your game to softlock
  • Fixed bug related to AI navigation meshes in editor
  • Fixed bug where daily missions would repeat from one day to another
  • Fixed bug where the tower winner glow wasn’t aligned properly on the X axis
  • Fixed de-sync problem with winner screen where client would be softlocked in it
  • Fixed various broken localized strings
  • If the connection to an online host is lost, the game will send you back to the main menu, instead of creating a ghost server
  • Added a real time low-pass filter in-game
  • Lowpass effect on background music during score screen
  • New soundtrack composed by Jacob Lincke
  • Improved the sync for the song loops, they no longer get out of sync
  • Improved Mission Unlocked sound effect
  • Improved XP gain sound effect
  • Improved Jump Tile sound effect
  • Updated splash screen! *yells*
  • Added the ability to easily offset a character's face with a simple .ini file
  • Implemented better error reporting data for corrupted image files
  • Added the first character with 4 legs, FURBALL! (Yes it's a cat)
  • Unlinked the simulation from the frame rate (that was really stupid to begin with)
  • Bigger particles when you teleport
  • Removed auto-mode-picking when the timer hits 0 in mode voting for local games
  • Multiple players can now pick the same character in the same game
  • Made leveling up exponential up to level 6 followed by a fixed XP after that
  • Fixed a bug where the password would always return invalid after joining a server
  • Added a rarity system where you get a random item (based on its rarity) each time you level up
    Things that nobody will ever notice
  • The highlight goes to your character's "Ready" button in lobbies after you add an AI Bot.
  • The highlight goes to your character's "Customize" button after joining an online lobby
  • Improved the way the pupils move so they don't lag behind anymore (same for their masks)
  • Improved game mode drafting system (less chances to get the same mode multiple times in a row now)
  • Hopefully fixed the possibility of getting stuck inside the ground or wall in online games
  • Prevent the clients from being forced back to menu if the host disconnects after the winner screen
  • Fixed a problem that caused other players in online games to rotate for a few frames in random directions due to bad interpolation
  • Buttons are now synced in online games, which means, no more out-of-sync toggle tiles
  • Pivot doors visually open when they are unlocked instead of just becoming white
  • Fixed a bug where the contents of the collection screen would mess up after the player changes the resolution
  • Improved the way XP is confirmed and allocated after a match
  • Fixed the blurred background during the instructions screen not fading out in time
  • Improvements to “convention mode”
  • Fixed bug that caused certain UI elements to disappear after changing video settings
  • The game window is now centered to the screen when you change the resolution and display mode
  • Fixed a bug where the tutorial “Health” arrow wasn’t being removed after exiting the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where you could use another player’s character by joining their server and then hosting one yourself
  • No more stuttering (or freezes) when you open the Collection screen because of thumbnails
  • Limit IP input box to 22 characters so it doesn’t cause messed up scrolling anymore (same for the server names displayed in the lobby)
  • Changed the text color and contents in the crash screen if any mod is enabled. There are a lot of reported bugs caused by mods that we can’t fix :(
  • Added a hidden pirate language somewhere in the game ;)
  • Replaced the "Credits" icon to avoid confusion with the Xbox One info button
  • Fixed bug when accepting an invite while being in a different lobby
  • Limit cmd console logs to 1000 lines to prevent memory leaks
  • Made sure usernames won’t wrap in the score screen
  • Game mode threats that include randomness will favor the highest scoring player, therefore targeting him (like the bomb in Bomb Tag and the rocket in Rocket Run)
  • Daily Challenge bots now use random characters instead of the generic colored ones
  • The Daily challenge “Begin” button now blinks when the challenge is open
  • Fixed a bug where two song loops would play on top of each other at the same time
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t scroll to the first item in a list using a controller
  • Ability to “go back to menu” if you start the tutorial manually
  • Delayed respawning of characters in the editor
  • Fixed a crash when the game couldn’t find a mod thumbnail
  • Only friends that own Move or Die show up in the “Invite Friends” list
  • Improved the pupil mask position in healthbars so there is no offset anymore
  • Friends that are in the same lobby with you won’t show up in the friends list to prevent annoying invites from being sent
  • In the language selection screen, players can’t select a language for the first 2 seconds to prevent unintentional input
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to select an item outside of a list with the mouse
  • Items in lists no longer highlight while a pop-up is on the screen
  • Fixed a problem where P1 was re-added to the lobby after going back from the “game rules” screen
  • Video splash screens instead of static image ones

Beta 0.4.4 | 13 Aug 2015

  • Faster moving ghosts
  • Made the game start in Borderless mode by default
  • Fixed crash when local player tried to jump in the middle of a local game
  • Fixed bug with steam mods unable to be loaded

Beta 0.4.3 | 12 Aug 2015

  • Added German, Polish, French, Portugese and Romanian support. More languages in the following updates
  • New post-death ghost mechanic. Now you can still run around after you explode, slowing down the players that touch you
  • Fixed a crash in the Ghost Scare and Hat Chase mode
  • Improved online drop-in stability during an on-going match
  • Better matchmaking system
  • Improved the behavior of Teleporters and Temp Tiles in online matches.
  • Lines in the score screen to show how close you are to winning
  • Improved the quality of the “Time’s Up”, “Draw” and “Sudden Death” animations
  • Reduced freeze frames between rounds by pre-loading sound effects
  • Separated mods in the Mod Manager by category
  • Fixed several memory leaks... seriously, like a whole bag of them...
  • Improved various UI and HUD items, replacing english words with intuitive symbols
  • Removed english words from tutorial animations
  • Improved character outline to be higher quality
  • Fixed ghost characters problem related to unkown files present in the “Characters” folder
  • Improved awareness arrow animation
  • Less force required to stomp a player in the Stomp mode
  • New “Player Joined” animation when a new player jumps in the game
  • Fixed host advantage in the Falling Blocks mode
  • Candy radiation to make them more noticeable in Sugar Rush

Beta 0.4.2 | 24 June 2015

  • Added the ability to record and replay movements in the editor
  • Fixed borderless mode on multiple monitors
  • Fixed various crashes in both the game and the editor
  • Fixed lib compatibility with 64bit Ubuntu

(Mac & Linux) Beta 0.4.1 | 17 June 2015

  • Mac and Linux compatibility
  • Improved music mods. They will now only loop the
  • odded in-game loops, regardless of how many there are
  • Added movement particle dust
  • Redesigned the score screen’s “Next Game” section
  • Mod manager list no longer scrolls with the cursor
  • Teleporter sound no longer plays twice
  • Fixed various crashed in both the editor and the game
  • Links now open in Steam overlay opposed to browser
  • Fixed that bug that made the bomb explode instantly

Steam Workshop Update

Beta 0.4.0 | 10 June 2015

    Major Changes
  • Steam Workshop integration
  • Daily Challenge system (with badges)
  • (Invisible) XP Leveing up system
  • New game modes: Hat Chase, Ghost Scare, Jump Shot
  • New level file system (supports custom assets now)
  • Mod manager polish (proper scrolling)

  • Other Changes
  • Fixed various Sugar Rush online client bugs
  • Fixed annoying clicking sound when the game opens
  • Fixed bug where the background color would shift randomly during a transition
  • Added support for video playback (replaced all the game mode tutorial animations with video ones + new menu background)
  • Added game modes tutorial videos in the game modes selection screen
  • Disabled all mods in online play for security reasons
  • Added "No servers found" text in server browser
  • Added "Invite friends" button in online lobby
  • Improved screenshake and particles
  • Improved AI with nav meshes auto-generated by the editor
  • Separated resolution and audio settings for the editor
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash because it was loading sound effects in a certain order

Beta 0.3.6 | 8 Apr 2015

  • MOD MANAGER!!! (mod submission coming up next)
  • Changed the structure of the menu
  • Redesigned winner screen
  • Fixed various aspect ratio hitbox problems
  • New countdown animation at the beginning of a round
  • Pop up titles are now animated... fancy

Beta 0.3.5 | 26 Mar 2015

  • LINUX! (note: joining friends through launch command doesn’t work yet)
  • Ultra-wide resolutions support (note: they don’t show up in the video options, either set it to “native” or change it from startup.ini manually. Some button hitboxes are still off)
  • Added warning pop-up if the graphics card doesn’t support shaders or canvases to avoid confusion

Beta 0.3.4 | 25 Mar 2015

  • Added ability to customize your server name
  • Ability to password protect your server
  • Removed password protected servers from the “Quick match”
  • Changed “stomp” so it works only when falling
  • Randomized loading animations in the pop ups
  • Fixed lobby flashing after the loading screen
  • Online lobby displays the server name now
  • Increased the interp value and decreased the extrap one
  • Fixed bug in “Sugar Rush” where the candies wouldn’t be properly synced across an online game
  • Fixed bug in online “Bomb Tag” where the bomb would keep beeping on the client side after the round ended

Beta 0.3.3 | 20 Mar 2015

  • Fixed problem where the game would crash when a client joined a server
  • Disabled the AI Bots button for clients in online servers

Beta 0.3.2 | 19 Mar 2015

  • AI is multithreaded now so it doesn't impact performance anymore
  • Smarter AI when it comes to avoiding and chasing (see bomb tag)
  • Smoother transition between game modes with blurred backgrounds
  • Pop ups now blur everything behind them
  • Facts during "Waiting for other player" are now more obvious
  • Teleporting has a small delay now and awesome particles to show the exit point
  • Added particle beams to buttons to make it clear what doors they open
  • Fixed bug where the sugar rush timer wouldn't kill the remaining players
  • Reduced the act of adding an AI Bot from 3 clicks to 1
  • Fixed the problem where "Sugar Rush" was stuck on 0 in the statistics screen

Beta 0.3.1 | 10 Mar 2015

  • Fixed AI in Sugar Rush mode
  • Optimized shaders and draw calls so the game runs better
  • Improved the randomization algorithm for selecting game modes (more variety now)

Sugar Rush Update

Beta 0.3.0 | 5 Mar 2015

  • Updated main menu background
  • Health bars now enter the screen smoothly after countdown
  • When you die, your health tweens outside of the screen
  • Health bar will now display a "Move or Die" animation when you die because you didn't move
  • Score towers have sound effects now
  • Tweaks to previous achievements, "Master" ones take 500 rounds instead of 1000 now
  • Cursor no longer flickers in the menu and it turns into a hand while hovering over sliders in the options menu
  • Fixed crash when changing the game's resolution
  • "Press any button on the controller to join" text no longer shows up in online games

Beta 0.2.11 | 16 Feb 2015

  • Changes to various levels for multiple game modes
  • You can now use "Join IP" to connect to a server
  • Join IP pop up now focuses on the input field when opened
  • Join IP field only takes numbers and dots now
  • Moving the blinking line in an input field works properly now
  • Mouse cursor turns into a text editing one over input fields
  • You can now close the input pop up with "Esc" even though the field is in focus
  • Various other input field related bugs & problems fixed

Beta 0.2.10 | 12 Feb 2015

  • Fixed obscure networking crash during LAN matches of 3+ players
  • Made health bars flash when you die due to lack of health
  • Fixed bug where the controller would vibrate for too long during winner screen
  • Ability to Alt+F4 out of the crash screen
  • Exploding now affects props around you
  • Fixed painfully obscure problem with alien files being considered characters
  • Greyed out certain menu buttons if Steam is not initialized
  • Menu buttons no longer activate if you mouse up outside of their hitbox
  • Mouse cursor is now hidden during matches
  • Fixed missing hover sound effects for buttons in the menu
  • Game no longer sometimes start in score screen instead of an actual round
  • Fixed problem where you could double jump off a jump tile
  • Added "Unsaved changes" pop up to the rules screen
  • Fixed bug where you could control the AI Bots with their respective keys
  • The leader crown is displayed correctly in online lobbies now
  • Fixed various problems related to syncing characters skins online
  • Your highlighted button no longer changes in the lobby when a new player joins
  • Pop ups that only have a "cancel" option now display the controller prompt properly
  • Various other bug fixes

Beta 0.2.9 | 26 Jan 2015

  • Menu music no longer plays in-game
  • Fixed “Play Online” state crash
  • Fixed another “compare number with nil” bug
  • Game window is now centered after the resolution is changed
  • Fixed obscure crash in bomb mode where the bomb would make the game explode if the target dissapeared
  • Renamed “Fine Details” option to “Texture Resolution” in the video options.
  • Fixed a crash related to kicking somebody out of a lobby.

Beta 0.2.8 | 23 Jan 2015

  • Pausing in single player is better now (no more broken countdown and bomb timer)
  • Player’s name is now displayed in the score scree
  • Fixed bug where the awareness text above the player got stuck on the screen
  • Added even more dumb facts during “Waiting for other players”

Beta 0.2.7 | 20 Jan 2015

  • The first bot no longer turns into a human player after a match
  • Fixed problem where bots would re-appear in the lobby after going to the game rules screen and back
  • Fixed asset flickers that happened on the top left of the screen while navigating the menu
  • Fixed “Songs” crash
  • Added randomized facts during “Waiting for other players” screen
  • Merged “Fullscreen” and “Borderless” video options in a single “Display Mode” one

Beta 0.2.6 | 19 Jan 2015

  • Temporarily disabled manual window resizing due to aspect ratio problems
  • Added protection against hosting a server when your game version is out of date.
  • Fixed F11 crash (it copies your PC specs to clipboard)

Beta 0.2.5 | 18 Jan 2015

  • Fixed the cursed “Winning Joe” crash which happened when a third player joined mid-game rendering himself invisible to the second player.... god dammit bugs
  • Fixed another possible crash when kicking a player in the lobby

Beta 0.2.4 | 18 Jan 2015

  • Fixed crash when the game was trying to display a player’s name that contains any funky characters
  • Added player markers to know who you are when a round starts
  • Added debug checks for previous crashes to gain further information

Beta 0.2.3 | 17 Jan 2015

  • Fixed missing MSCR119.dll error on startup
  • Fixed crash where the game was trying to remove a non-existant box 2D body (specifically paint particles)
  • Game (SHOULD) no longer explode when you join mid game and a bomb tag round comes up
  • Color Craze no longer “Time’s Up” instead of “Draw”

Beta 0.2.2 | 16 Jan 2015

  • The characters in the “Falling Blocks” animation no longer go through each other, are you happy now?
  • Player no longer gets removed from the lobby after going in and out of it
  • Game version now present in all states of the menu (bottom left)

Early Access goes live on Steam

Beta 0.2.1 | 15 Jan 2015

  • Implemented "Out of date" pop-up in the menu
  • No more "runtime" errors
  • "Blow Back" animations are now more responsive for clients in online games
  • Patched even more memory leaks
  • Fixed glitch where the AI Bots buttons would remain in the lobby after exiting and joining

Alpha Builds (Private Testing)

Alpha 0.1.17 | 9 Jan 2015

  • Fixed problem where antivirus programs were removing the executable
  • If a player joins a lobby where an AI Bot once was, he is no longer considered a bot
  • Prevent a nil crash in “Button Group”
  • Analytics log in the background after the game is closed, preventing the freeze before quitting.

Alpha | 8 Jan 2015

  • Fixed annoying "Extra Bytes" UTF-8 crash caused by invalid characters in packets

Alpha 0.1.16 | 8 Jan 2015

  • Fixed constant “Time out” bug when attempting to join an online match
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Bomb Tag Mode no longer crashes and explodes
  • Improved Bomb Tag AI
  • Added analytics

Alpha 0.1.15 | 29 Dec 2014

  • Improved AI Bots
  • Added crash dump when the game stops responding (Love crash)
  • Fixed problem with statistics screen where text would dissapear on non 1080p resolutions
  • Fixed problem where you couldn’t skip the instructions with a controller in an online match
  • Joining an in-progress online game will now display the correct score for each player

Alpha 0.1.14 | 27 Dec 2014

  • Bots no longer cause frame drops
  • Fixed minor bug where the scroll bar was still visible in the video options screen when the advanced options weren't expanded
  • Added "Stats Screen" that tracks individual values for each game mode + some other goodies
  • Added basic progress achievements tied to the stats
  • Fixed problem where AI Bots were turning into human players after changing the game modes

Alpha 0.1.13 | 23 Dec 2014

  • Ability to invite a friend to an online game via Steam
  • Winner screen time reduced
  • AI Bots no longer get mysteriously removed from the lobby after a match

Alpha 0.1.12 | 20 Dec 2014

  • Game no longer explodes when you go back from the server list screen after a match
  • Player movement should be smoother online now
  • Fixed various menu crashes

Alpha 0.1.11 | 18 Dec 2014

  • Added loading animation in "Waiting" pop-ups
  • Fixed crash when you tried to refresh the server list (the list auto refreshes itself)
  • Server gets properly removed from the list now
  • Fixed "Blow Back" description visual bug
  • AI Bots no longer attempt to hain conscience and convert themselves into humans after each match

Alpha 0.1.10 | 17 Dec 2014

  • Fixed various controller navigation problems

Alpha 0.1.8 | 16 Dec 2014

  • Ability to host servers without port forwarding
  • Ability to join mid game
  • Fixed various aspect ratio problems

Pre-Alpha Builds

Pre-Alpha 0.0.56 | 20 May 2014

  • Fixed background dissapearing when changing resolution
  • Fixed pivot door crashing when rotated then deleted
  • Fixed offset hitboxes for different aspect ratios (still work in progress)
  • Created a Joe:SetSkin function, you can now play with any character or make your own
  • Added more threads for the initial menu loading, should be noticeably faster now

Pre-Alpha 0.0.55 | 10 May 2014

  • Added a lot of visual and sound cues when inflating Joe in Blow Back mode
  • Made inflating by pressing X (or down on keyboard) instead of time based
  • Added the shockwave shader

Pre-Alpha 0.0.54 | 7 May 2014

  • Updated the way Love2D gets unpacked on macs
  • Added "Player Control" option in party mode
  • Added "Blow Back" minigame

Pre-Alpha 0.0.53 | 6 May 2014

  • Extra Minigames
  • Ability to skip score screen
  • Improved typography in score screen
  • Better looking timer
  • Fixed bug where extra Joe sometimes appeared in the score screen
  • Fixed the tutorial animation leaking memory
  • Ability to control Joe with the Dpad
  • Fixed bug where turning off shaders crashed the game

Pre-Alpha 0.0.52 | 28 Apr 2014

  • Added glorious shiny crown for winner
  • Added proper controller support and refactored code
  • Ability to drop in and drop out of party mode in real time
  • Improved Score ScreenUI
  • Improved minigame Title instructions UI

Pre-Alpha 0.0.51 | 11 Apr 2014

  • Chromatic abberation effect on the sides of the screen
  • Everything is now rendered on a canvas to allow for post-processing effects
  • Real time updating shader function in Src/Auto.lua

Pre-Alpha 0.0.50 | 07 Apr 2014

  • Launcher no longer logs you out
  • Joe is now wearing a construction helmet and belt in the editor
  • Console appears everywhere, not only in-game
  • Game print output automatically goes to in-game console on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed items attatched to Joe not rotating with him
  • Added basic functionalities to party mode

Pre-Alpha 0.0.49 | 31 Mar 2014

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't add new custom assets in the Mods folder
  • Fixed entities not working in playlists
  • Fixed crash related to the editor's save window text field.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the Flappy Joe level

Pre-Alpha 0.0.48 | 28 Mar 2014

  • The game no longer screws up the format of startup.ini
  • Game no longer fails to launch on Macs due to
  • Fixed bug where tiles set to "never restart on death" wouldn't restart when you switch between editor and test mode

Pre-Alpha 0.0.47 | 26 Mar 2014

  • Added the ability to prevent a box, and normal or time button from restarting on death
  • Fixed problem where DXT compression is not supported, uses PNG instead
  • Error log now includes DXT compatibility report
  • Fixed the "Downloading missing files" crashing on Mac/Linux
  • Fixed Joe's slope glitch on half-step tiles

Pre-Alpha 0.0.46 | 25 Mar 2014

  • Fixed infamous "inputField" crash
  • Added ability to change monitor (buggy in fullscreen mode)
  • Launcher's note now flashes when there is an update
  • Crash report now takes the correct game settings

Pre-Alpha 0.0.45 | 26 Mar 2014

  • Fixed problem where the console crashed after being closed while playing a level
  • Fixed problem where "Mouselock" wasn't working properly
  • Flipped background assets now scale correctly
  • Launcher no longer crashes if you have a controller plugged in
  • Menu will no longer be "dark" after exiting a level or the editor.
  • Submit a bug button now opens the bitbucket issue tracker instead of the in-game window that sometimes didn't work
  • Custom crash screen now has a "Copy to clipboard" button which allows you to copy the error log including extra information about the error,game and your computer.

Pre-Alpha 0.0.44 | 24 Mar 2014

  • Camera no longer breaks after finishing a playlist
  • Level artefacts no longer show up in editor after playing a playlist
  • Half tiles are no longer considered full tiles and the background can pass through them
  • Added graphics card info in the error log, and updated the error screen
  • Fixed the FlappyJoe mod and now the score restarts on death (and it doesn't crash)
  • Added asset cache-ing annd changed the way
  • Added old Flash Joe voice lines
  • Mastered the previous voice lines to keep the volume consistant (draft)
  • Launcher no longer changes startup.ini only by opening the settings screen
  • FPS Cap now takes it's value from startup.ini
  • Added asset cache-ing annd changed the way
  • "Texture Quality" works (now it actually reduces memory usage)

Pre-Alpha 0.0.43 | 23 Mar 2014

  • Ability to prevent a door from restarting on death (right click menu)
  • Defined Party Mode as "Work in progress"
  • Launcher folder button opens the correct game folder now
  • Launcher resolution shows "Native" instead of 0x0

Pre-Alpha 0.0.42 | 21 Mar 2014

  • Game launches in native resolution and borderless mode
  • Mouselock is on by default
  • Scroll bars no longer crash the game
  • Added "Playlist" button in main menu
  • Added editor tutorial videos in the editor
  • Added game version number in the main menu
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when you tried to save a level

Pre-Alpha 0.0.41 | 20 Mar 2014

  • Fixed crash with the "Special Action"
  • Added "Invisible Light Source"
  • Added generic description to all lights
  • Removed the need to hold shift to place multiple tiles
  • Revamped the entire menu, everything from scratch.
  • Compatibility with controllers and keyboard

Pre-Alpha 0.0.40 | 17 Jan 2014

  • Added "padinput true" command in the console
  • Temporarily disabled slope detection because it was too unstable
  • Cursor hides in play mode after 1 second of idle
  • Added pupils to Joe's expression in the health bar (made them follow Joe on screen)
  • Fixed problem where the game wouldn't run if there is a dot in the folder name

Pre-Alpha 0.0.39 | 21 Dec 2013

  • Custom cursors for each editor tool
  • Fixed bug where level description wouldn't show up when you "Save as new level"
  • Fixed problem where the "Nodding Span" slider didn't update in real time
  • Updated the range graphic for the sound effect target
  • Ability to add\remove controllers while playing without having to restart the game
  • Added controller vibration on death
  • Added Gravity Action
  • Added "Level Margin" feature where tiles outside the Entry\Exit points don't get loaded in play mode
  • Added slope detection for Joe
  • Added icon name and version to the game's window
  • When you load a level in the editor, the camera centers on the Entry point
  • Fixed bug where tile dragging wouldn't work 100% of the time

Pre-Alpha 0.0.38 | 17 Dec 2013

  • Upgraded to Love 0.9 framework! (This means great improvements overall)
  • Migrated from lua to love file system (fixing cross OS compatibility problems)
  • Added a "mac.command" file that allows the game to run on mac
  • Voice lines and sound effects stop when you switch between editor and test mode
  • Voice lines and sound effects no longer stop when you die
  • Ability to move camera while placing a tile, a bg asset or a wire
  • Fixed bug where the description of the level wasn't saved on level overwrite
  • Fixed bug where "Back to menu" window wasn't click-able after loading a level
  • Fixed bug where the volume of a sound effect wouldn't save
  • Fixed bug where you could place white tiles and lights over eachother
  • Improved white and fence tiles modular behaviour

Pre-Alpha 0.0.37 | 12 Dec 2013

  • Ability to load levels from the "Level settings" window
  • Made the "description" column in main menu load level list work
  • Improved read-ablity on fonts at smaller resolutions
  • Fixed bug where the lifebar wouldn't appear after loading a level
  • Fixed bug where you could place events behind UI and get buttons stuck
  • Ability to flip tiles after placing them in the level
  • Added a 0.5 seconds respawn delay to boxes when the level restarts
  • Ability to select and wire multiple tiles together at once
  • Increased default resolution to 1280x720
  • Set default mouselock to false (You can change this from the startup.ini)
  • Ability to jump a fraction of a second after falling off a platform

Pre-Alpha 0.0.36 | 9 Dec 2013

  • Fixed crash if "T" was pressed while having the "New level" window opened.
  • Tile selection tower's possition no longer resets after collapsing.
  • Added ability to delete background assets with the "delete" key.
  • Fixed one way door collision bug
  • Markers now follow your cursor while you place tiles
  • Ctrl+N shortcut creates a new level in the editor
  • Added hotkey "space bar" to move the camera to the entry point
  • Ability to delete levels from within the editor

Pre-Alpha 0.0.35 | 8 Dec 2013

  • Added ability to submit a bug from main menu
  • Prevented bug reports if input fields are empty
  • Fixed bug where the nodding animation would get stuck
  • Added ability to report bugs from within the game
  • Fixed problem where game wouldn't run on a 32 bit OS
  • Fixed problem where the game wouldn't run if there was a space in the folder's name
  • Removed "B" debug key

Pre-Alpha 0.0.34 | 7 Dec 2013

  • Added colored outlines to tiles in action mode
  • Added outlines to dynamic objects in target placing mode for highlighting
  • Added level recovery window on editor startup if game crashed
  • Added level saving animation in the bottom right corner
  • Added saving and loading hotkeys: ctrl+s and ctrl+l

That's about it...

  • For older development information consider checking out the dev blog.