Updating your published mod

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Fetching your mod from the workshop

Note: If you already have your mod files in the local "Mods" folder, skip this step.

Most of the time, when you want to update a mod, you don't have the files anymore, so the first thing you need to do is to get back your mod files.

You simply do this by going to the Steam Workshop page and subscribe to your own mod.

After you do that, wait for the mod to download from the workshop and navigate to where Steam installs mods.


In there you will see some folders with a lot of numbers, these are all the mods you subscribed to for Move or Die.

Find the folder with the contents of your mod and copy it in the "Mods" folder where the game is installed.

Steam\steamapps\common\Move or Die\Mods\[Folder with lots of numbers goes here]

Making changes

Now you can make any changes/updates you want to your mod to make sure it is compatible with the game.

Make sure you work in the local "Mods" folder, not the steam workshop one

Before publishing, make sure things work

After you make your changes, you should go through this checklist and make sure everything works properly:

  • Check the in-game Mod Manager and make sure the thumbnail, title, author and description show up correctly

  • Deactivate the mod in the mod manager, restart the game and confirm that there are no traces of your changes in the game

  • Activate the mod in the mod manager, restart the game and confirm that your mod is working as intended

If you went through all of those steps and everything works, you are all set!


In the in-game Mod Manager, click the blue "Make your own mod" button in the top right.

Click on the "Update a published mod" tab and select the mod that you want to update

If you want to change the name, description or any other meta-data for the mod, now is the time.

And now you hit the magical green button

That's it!

If there is a problem, it will be displayed in step 5 under the "Status" text.

If everything is ok, a popup will show up asking you for confirmation.

Congratulations, you have published your own mod!

You can check out your updated mod in the Steam Workshop.

Pat yourself on the back.

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