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Tools you'll need

You need an audio editing program in order to make an audio mod.

  • Audacity - Because it's free and awesome.

You don't have to use Audacity if you are comfortable using a different sound editing software. As long as it exports .ogg files, it should work just fine.

Note: all the audio files in the game are .ogg exported with Audacity.

There are two kinds of audio mods: "Music Pack mods" and "Sound Effect mods".

Let's start with the easy one.

Sound Effect Mod


Sound Effects Mod Path

Move or Die \ Mods \ [ModFolder] \ Lib \ Sound \ Effects \ [.ogg sfx goes here]

A Sound Effects Mod changes the sounds effects of the game.

Sound effects list

The sound effects library of the game keeps growing over time as more and more sound effects are added with each update.

Adding a list here wouldn't be very efficient since it would become out-of-date in a few days.

Go where the game is installed and check the "Move or Die \ Lib \ Sounds \ Effects" folder.

In there you will find all the sounds effects used in the game.

Some things to keep in mind

  • No Delay

When you edit your sound effects, make sure there is no empty space at the beginning of your audio file.

The sound is supposed to play right when the action happens, so if there is empty space at the beginning, there will be an audible delay which is very noticeable.

Here is an example video:

  • Background Noise

When you edit your sound effect, please make sure there is little to no background noise.

Background noise is very distracting and completely ruins the effectiveness of a good sound effect.


With background noise from where the sounds were recorded


No background noise, everything is clean

Any audio editing software has an option to remove background noise, Google is your friend.

  • Sound Quality

This should really be common sense, but seriously, please don't use low quality sounds.

There are a ton of places on the internet where you can get sound effects from, or you can even record some yourself.

Just make sure they DO NOT sound like this:

But instead, sound LIKE THIS:

That's it, check out the "Exporting" section below to learn how to export the files properly.

Music Pack Mod


Music Pack Mod Path

Move or Die \ Mods \ [ModFolder] \ Lib \ Sound \ Music \ [Your OST Folder Name] \ [.ogg loops go here]

A Music Pack Mod changes all (or some of) the background music in the game.

In the Audio Starting Kit you will find a sample audio mod that will change all the music in the game with shorter techno-y loops.

The Loops

The game's music is separated into 4 individual loops that all play at the same time with varying volume based on what is happening on-screen.

Important: All the loops are the exact same length and share the same bpm/tempo.

Seeing that they all play at the same time and the game seamlessly changes their volume in real time, having loops with different length or bmp/tempo would result in an offset that would be very obvious and distracting.

Here is a list with all the loops that play in-game

  • InGameXLoop.ogg - Where X is a number so you can have multiple in-game loops that will play randomly. Ex: InGame1Loop.ogg, InGame2Loop.ogg
  • MainMenuLoop.ogg - Plays during the main menu
  • WinnerLoop.ogg - Plays when somebody wins the match
  • SuddenDeathLoop.ogg - Plays when the sudden death kicks in

The Info.ini

In the same folder with the .ogg loops, there needs to be an "Info.ini" file.


"name": "Metal",

"author": "MetalHead",

"kick": 0.42253125


Make sure you change the "Name" of the pack, and put your name under "Author" in the file, that's pretty self explanatory.

In-game there are many objects that move on the rhythm of the music, so the game has to know the tempo of the loops.

The "Kick" number is just that, the distance in seconds between 2 beats in your loops.

The easiest way to find this number is dividing the duration of one loop by how many beats there are in it

In case of the Original music pack, there were 32 beats in a 13.5 seconds long loop

which resulted in a kick value of 0.42253125.

The more decimals there are in the kick value, the more accurate things will be in-game.

That's it, check out the "Exporting" section below to learn how to export the files properly.


All the audio files used by the game are exported as .ogg files with Audacity

The process is the same for both Music Packs and Sound Effects.

Simply select "export" in Audacity and set the format to "Ogg Vorbis"

Make sure you press the "Options" button under the "Save" one and double check the Quality slider to be at "10"

Note: If you are not using Audacity, set the export values of your program to be at least:

Sample rate: 44.1Hz | Bitrate: 500kb/s

Let's keep all the audio high quality, none of that muddy-washed-out-recorded-with-a-bannana stuff.

Have standards.

Testing your audio mod

That's it!

At this point you should have either a Music Pack or a Sound Effect mod.

If you made a Music Pack, you should be able to select it from the Audio Options and hear your own music as soon as you hit "Apply Changes".

If you made a Sound Effects Mod, play a match and make sure your sound effects work.


  • If your music or sound effect doesn't play when it was supposed to but you can see your mod active in the Mod Manager, it means the game can't read the audio files, make sure the folder paths are correct and that the files are .ogg and named properly.

  • If your mod doesn't show up in the Mod Manager, it means the game doesn't see the mod, make sure your mod folder is in the game's "Mods" folder and the modinfo.txt is in place with the correct info inside.

You are done!


Make yourself a sandwich, it's time to publish your mod.

How to Publish a mod

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