Death Effects & Title Animation

The new, improved death animation & effects + the awesome new title screen (made in 3D) that will be featured in the following videos!

Death effects and Title

Death Effect

I realized I forgot to post about this since it has been implemented in the game. A while ago we spiced up the death effect when a player bites the dust.

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3D Title & Awesome Fan Art

Fan art is amazing! The superb drawing made by Kawiku and a preview of the 3D title I’m working on.3d title

Background Assets/ Level Prettyfication

In the past week I’ve been continuing the work on the “replacement of background assets” task.

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The beginning of MoD & Game Modes

Looking back on the history of Move or Die, how everything started and what to expect in the future!Beginning

We are slowly approaching a point where we’ll be able to play a proper online match with all the game modes. Everything is slowly coming together and hopefully by next week, we’ll already have a fully working build with networking.

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Networking & Background Assets

Networking is totally a thing now! Testing the connection between 2 clients and showcasing the new background assets.Netowkring

We have some networking progress! After a few weeks of work things are starting to shape up. Right now we have player movement synced across multiple instances of the game, as well as game modes and levels.

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